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June 2nd, 2015

The cover of the latest issue of McLeod Magazine.

For 30 years, it has been our privilege and honor to share stories through the McLeod Magazine of medical victories, excellent outcomes and personal journeys to better health. These stories are to educate about the mission to serve others in the midst of the burdens of illness and injury.

Each season, the following pages reflect hope, persistence and compassion from our patients and their families, in collaboration with McLeod physicians, nurses and staff. These are not features about individuals. The narratives and photographs consist of teams — people working together to ensure the best results possible. Creating authentic relationships with those receiving care as well as with their families is an integral part of our mission. We strive daily to improve the patient experience, understanding that those who seek us deserve the best medicine, compassion and comfort.

You’ll read words that underscore the extraordinary, like: Prevailing, Consistent, Outstanding, Superior, Devoted and Relentless. We are reminded by our mission to serve and our four core values of Caring, The Person, Quality and Integrity.

We are uplifted by these voices and their courage. May they be an inspiration to you as well. At McLeod Health, we thank you for entrusting us with your healthcare needs.


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Experience and Excellence

July 16th, 2014

The cover of the latest issue of McLeod Magazine.

This year, McLeod physicians, staff and teams have received 23 top honors from Healthgrades®, the nation’s leading healthcare rating organization. These distinctions, driven by the analysis of data, are based on quality outcomes and superior performance. Additionally, the care of patients at McLeod resulted in our being honored as a Distinguished Hospital for Clinical Excellence, (Top 5% of more than 4,500 hospitals nationwide) for clinical performance and the Outstanding Patient Experience Award™ for 5 years in a row. 

This recognition is more than a trophy, and more than a group of shiny awards displayed on a shelf. While it validates our efforts to provide the finest treatment and services available to the people in the 15-county region we serve, it is evidence of the dedication and hard work performed daily by our physicians and staff in creating a culture of safety and quality. We are honored that this commitment resulted in McLeod receiving these distinctions. But, more importantly, we want to always seek improved medical options, superlative treatments and provide access to the best in medicine for the benefit of our patients now and for decades to come. 

We want to be the Choice for Medical Excellence for all our patients and their families. We want our people to engage each day at McLeod with a mission to serve with compassion, skill and respect the dignity of others. 

We appreciate the kind words and sentiments shared in the following pages and pledge to continue to do our best to meet medical needs and surpass expectations of service. 

Thank you for choosing McLeod.

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March 6th, 2014

OUTCOMES MATTER… to patients and their families.  Outcomes matter… to our McLeod team, physicians and staff committed to the daily work .

The Healthgrade awards presented to McLeod were accepted by (left to right) Dr. Andrew Rhea, Dr. Keith Player, Mr. Charles Bethea, Dr. Anil Om, Dr. Bill Edwards and Dr. Chris Cunningham.

At McLeod Health, for a number of years we have embarked upon a quality journey that continues to receive state and national recognition … and for us, this is confirmation that we are on the right path.  We have not arrived, and yes, there is still more work to be done. 

We believe we can rescue health care by improving it.  We can bring better value to patients and families.  Our improvement methodology has three design principles – - our work will be Physician Led, Data Driven, and Evidence Based.

We have found that improvement lives in the little ordinary moments.  The improvement comes not in three or four moments of huge significance, like this exciting announcement.  But improvement comes in 10,000 little moments … one after another.  The character formed in those innumerable little moments is what positions us to respond in the big moments of our service to others.

There are so many people to thank … and we will take time to recognize, thank and congratulate in the weeks ahead, but take a moment to see what the announcement is about for our patients.

Thank you for making McLeod Health The Choice for Medical Excellence each day.


Press Announcement
McLeod physicians, staff and teams have received 23 top honors for 2013 and 2014 from Healthgrades®, the nation’s leading healthcare rating organization. These distinctions, driven by the analysis of data, are based on quality outcomes and superior performance.

McLeod Regional Medical Center recently received the 2014 Distinguished Hospital Award for Clinical Excellence™ from Healthgrades. This distinction places McLeod among the Top 5% of more than 4,500 hospitals nationwide for its clinical performance.

“Top-performing hospitals share a fierce commitment to continuously improving clinical quality. Despite the fact that every hospital aims to provide the highest quality care to every patient, only some manage to achieve superior performance. McLeod stands out by exhibiting comprehensive quality care across multiple clinical specialties,” said Conor Tuttle, Director of Quality Platforms with Healthgrades. 

“I’m extremely proud of the medical staff and the medical center for their accomplishments in the improvement of quality,” said Dr. Andrew Rhea, Chief of the McLeod Medical Staff.

Marie Segars, Administrator of McLeod Regional Medical Center, stated, “We are pleased to receive this recognition based on the leadership of our physicians and the work of the McLeod staff who are actively seeking ways to improve quality for the patients we serve.”

McLeod has also been honored with the Healthgrades Outstanding Patient Experience Award™, for 5 years in a row. This distinction ranks McLeod among the Top 10% in the Nation in providing outstanding performance in the delivery of a positive experience for patients during their hospital stay.

“This recognition is evidence of the dedication and hard work performed daily by our physicians and staff in creating a culture of safety and quality,” said Rob Colones, President of McLeod Health. “We are honored that our efforts have resulted in McLeod receiving these distinctions, but more importantly, we want to continue to pursue excellence in quality care for the benefit of our patients.”

For its 2014 study, American Hospital Quality Outcomes 2014: Healthgrades Report to the Nation, Healthgrades evaluated nearly 4,500 hospitals nationwide for 31 of the most common inpatient procedures and conditions and identified the 100 best hospitals within each procedure. McLeod was further recognized as one of Healthgrades:
America’s 100 Best Hospitals for Cardiac Care
America’s 100 Best Hospitals for General Surgery
America’s 100 Best Hospitals for Spine Surgery

In addition, McLeod was honored as a recipient of Healthgrades Vascular Surgery Excellence Award™. McLeod has received this honor for 5 years in a row (2010 to 2014) and has been ranked among the Top 5% in the Nation in Vascular Surgery for 2 years in a row (2013, 2014).

“McLeod has been honored nationally for its quality programs by a number of healthcare organizations,” explained Donna Isgett, Senior Vice President of Quality and Safety. “We compare ourselves to the nation’s best in receiving measurable results and continuously strive to improve everything that relates to the care of the patient.”

The honors received by McLeod included the 2014 Distinguished Hospital Award for Clinical Excellence, the Outstanding Patient Experience Award, America's 100 Best Hospitals Award for Cardiac Care, General Surgery and Spine Surgery as well as the Vascular Surgery Excellence Award.

Here is a link to our awards:  McLeod Honors by Healthgrades

Here are links to more press coverage. A Recording of our Press Conference is also posted below.

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The Art and Science of Medical Excellence

December 20th, 2013

The cover of the latest issue of the McLeod Magazine.

At McLeod, we want our Vision statement to continue to be a reality and authentic, so we measure it in three specific ways. We want to be the ‘Choice for Medical Excellence’ in the eyes of our patients, our physicians, and our people.

As an organization, we communicate and demonstrate ten Service Excellence Standards daily, reflecting our McLeod Values of Caring, Person, Quality and Integrity. We see it in the way our teams consistently interact with our patients and customers, and how we treat one another.

We share it by giving others some part of ourself, whether it’s an ear to hear concerns, hands to help, or a shoulder on which to lean for support.

It is a privilege to serve, taking pride in our appearance and our manners, as both a smile and our attire reflect upon the heart of McLeod. It is an honor to take the time to walk a patient to their destination, offer a tired family member a blanket or pillow, or hold the door open for someone entering any one of our five medical centers.

It is our purpose to care enough to explain to our patients what we are doing, why we are doing it, and what to expect next.

It is our responsibility to take personal ownership of our environment, which shows that we value and appreciate those whose job it is to keep our rooms and hallways clean.

It is our intention to see our work from a different perspective, for considering the experience we provide our patients through their eyes, and not just our own.

It is our commitment to live our values.

I am truly honored to be a part of an organization that respects both the art and science of medicine and am grateful to those who serve others with their minds, their hearts and their hands.



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McLeod Health Chief Medical Officer

October 4th, 2013

Dr. Coy Irvin

McLeod Health is pleased to announce that E. Coy Irvin, M.D. has been named Chief Medical Officer for McLeod Health, expanding his role in this leadership function to all five hospitals in the McLeod network. Dr. Irvin has been serving as Vice President of Medical Affairs and Chief Medical Officer for McLeod Regional Medical Center in Florence since joining the organization in June, 2010.

Dr. Irvin, who has practiced medicine since 1982, will focus on improving health system issues for physicians and patients by working directly with the medical staff, hospitalists, physician development, recruitment and retention, McLeod Family Medicine Center, Family Medicine Residency program and future medical students affiliated with the new medical school projected to begin in 2014-2015.

Within McLeod Health, his goal is to ensure ease of transfer of patients to the right facility and location for their needs. “Through standard order sets, best practices and building relationships throughout the region we serve, we want to provide quality care in the most appropriate setting.”

Dr. Irvin joined McLeod Health from Baptist Health in Pensacola, Florida, where he served as Chief Medical Officer. Dr. Irvin also served patients in a Family Medicine practice for nearly 25 years.

His move to the area, he explains, has been extremely rewarding. “Florence is a great community to live in and McLeod is leading the way in hospital quality and safety. Our hospitals are doctor-friendly — wonderful environments where physicians can work, be successful and have the tools required to practice excellent medicine.   

“We have a strong and real commitment to excellence in care and service at McLeod Health. It is a positive culture, with warm and talented professionals. Our goal is to help continue strengthening those values among all our medical staff,” Dr. Irvin added.

“We want patients and their families, and physicians from around the state and beyond to trust us with their care. We want to care for them like we would want our own family treated.”

In his position, Dr. Irvin’s responsibilities include enhancing relationships and communications with the medical staff and assisting the Chief of Staff from each hospital as well as other officers of the medical staff. His duties also include overseeing the McLeod Hospitalist program and assuring that appropriate physician education, peer review, and quality assurance systems are in place to fulfill the mission and goals of McLeod Health.

Dr. Irvin and his wife, Angie, have two daughters and four grandchildren.  

Dr. Irvin’s experience, knowledge and passion in what he does add to the exceptional work our physicians and medical staff do at McLeod Health every day. Please join me in thanking Dr. Coy Irvin and our medical staff for their outstanding service.


A Meaningful Difference Every Day

August 27th, 2013

I received this note from Dr. Coy Irvin, our Chief Medical Officer for McLeod Health. While we still have much to do on consistency across the entire organization, it is our people that make a meaningful difference on a daily basis.

“I was reminded this week of the real reason we are here serving the patients of the Pee Dee with the following:

First, the young lady who watches the hallway traffic at the corner by Cardiology told me that she had figured out that our older patients needed to be taken to where the service was they needed, rather than being told where to go. And, she is doing this daily.

Second, yesterday I saw Drew Hamilton, our Chief Compliance Officer for McLeod Health, go into a patient room. When asked if he were the preacher, he said, “No, but I can pray with you.” And he did.

Third, I was told of an event in the ED this week where an elderly nursing home patient came in for an emergency. Her daughter drove over from Columbia to be with her mother. The patient had been intubated and was a ‘no code.’ Dr. Hazelwood, a McLeod Regional Medical Center Hospitalist, came down from the inpatient nursing unit and addressed the care issues with the daughter. The patient was extubated. The daughter could not watch, so he had her turn her back. While the patient was extubated, Dr. Hazlewood put his arm around the daughter and sang a hymn in a low voice to comfort her. She said he was a blessing to her. She was then able to say good-bye to her mom.

We are truly blessed by good people.”

And while I can’t sing … this makes me sing.

Thank you for your service to others,

Striving for the Value of Integrity

August 20th, 2013

Let’s consider the fourth core we strive for in our service of others … the Value of Integrity.

From Merriam Webster, we find the definition of integrity.

in•teg•ri•ty Pronunciation: \in-te-grə-tē\Function: noun
Etymology: Middle English integrite, from Middle French & Latin; Middle French integrité, from Latin integritat-, integritas, from integr-, integer entire
Date: 14th century

1 : firm to a code of especially moral or artistic values : incorruptibility 2 : an unimpaired condition :soundness  3 : the quality or state of being complete or undivided :completeness

So we learn that the word ‘integrity’ means the quality of being honest, having strong moral principle. This includes being whole or undivided. Honesty, entirety and wholeness.

Maybe it is best to learn the meaning of ‘integrity’ by seeing it in the life of another. Take 25 minutes to watch this YouTube video on Master Sergeant Roy Benavidez, Medal of Honor recipient.

The first few minutes is a newsclip of the ceremony where he received the Medal of Honor.  The second part is from a speech in 1991 where he describes his life and actions in battle.

Our role as those who answer the higher calling of serving others in healthcare, leadership, work teams and on behalf of those who seek us with their needs is to offer the best of ourselves. To be men and women of authentic and excellent character. To serve with hands and hearts.

Thank you for your service,

Pursue Humility

August 12th, 2013

At McLeod Health, we strive daily to improve lives and outcomes. We are dedicated to the four values of Caring, Quality, People and upholding the standards of Integrity. Here is a thought about one of these values.

The value of the person – to treat others with respect and dignity.


Pursue Humility!

“You can climb too high
for your own good.
It is possible
to ascend too far,
stand too tall,
too much.

Linger too long
at high altitudes,
two of your senses
Your hearing dulls.

It’s hard to hear people
when you’re higher
than they.
Voices grow
Sentences seem
And when you are
up there,
your eyesight

It’s hard to focus
on people
when you are so far
above them.
They appear
so small.
Little figures
with no faces.
You can hardly
distinguish one
from the other.
They all
look alike.
You don’t hear them.
You don’t see them.
You’re above them.”

Pursue Humility!

doesn’t mean you think less
of yourself …
that you think
of yourself
… less.

“Don’t cherish
exaggerated ideas of yourself
or your importance,
but try
to have a sane estimate
of your capabilities
by the light
of the faith
that God has given to you.” (Romans 12:3, Phillips).

has a cure
for the high
and mighty:
from the mountain.
You’ll be amazed
what you
and who you
And you’ll breathe
a whole lot

From Facing Your Giants, by Max Lucado, pp. 133,139.

Thank you for your service to others.


July 24th, 2013

Of all the news stories, editorials, blog entries or patriotic email forwards I received during our nation’s recent celebration on July 4th, this YouTube link was the most inspiring of them all.

Words have meaning and ideas have consequences. What we choose to think about … Reflect upon … And talk about … shapes our frail human hearts and minds. It inspires us to better things and invites our better nature to prevail amidst life in a fallen world.

I trust you will enjoy this reminder.



June 13th, 2013

Join us this year as we celebrate the 2013 McLeod Miracle Children, Children’s Hospital physicians and staff with the theme EVERY CHILD IS FAMILY.

Children provide hope, light and laughter to their families. When a child becomes sick or injured, the family turns to caring physicians and medical professionals, seeking their assistance to help make their child healthy and happy again.

We are privileged as a community and as a medical center that McLeod Children’s Hospital provides the highest level of pediatric care and technology available in the region to more than 22,000 children each year.

McLeod Regional Medical Center is dedicated to serving the needs of children throughout Northeastern South Carolina and Southeastern North Carolina, including those in the Children’s Hospital, Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU), Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU), and Day Hospital. Pediatric services are also offered in Dillon and Loris Seacoast. Pediatric Rehabilitation services are also offered in Florence and the North Myrtle Beach area.

Each May, the McLeod Children’s Hospital celebrates the work of the physicians and staff … and the victorious recovery of the children who have overcome medical challenges. We are inspired by their stories.

In years past, a telethon was produced annually to extend appreciation to sponsors who helped make these extraordinary outcomes possible through the generosity and support from businesses and industries. This year, the McLeod Children’s Hospital and McLeod Foundation worked with Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals (CMNH) on a nationally produced campaign featuring sponsors who raise funds for McLeod Children’s Hospital. The national promotions included radio and television commercials, as well as billboards.

These corporate and local sponsors, including Wal-Mart Sam’s Club, Rite Aid, and Food Lion, are currently in full force with fund raising efforts in stores in what is known as ‘May is for Miracles’. During ‘May is for Miracles’, businesses across the nation sell Miracle Balloons to raise funds for the sick and injured children treated at CMN hospitals, including McLeod Children’s Hospital. As the local CMN hospital, McLeod Children’s Hospital receives 100 percent of every dollar raised in the region to help children in need.

As well, McLeod Children’s Hospital leadership and staff were excited about sharing the personal experiences with patients and their families and produced these testimonials as well. The theme “Every Child is Family” is based on their interactions with the families and children, embraced and treated as an extension of their own family.

McLeod Children’s Hospital treats children with all kinds of different health needs, and both care givers and the recipients of those services truly believe every child is considered family. Join us this year as we celebrate the 2013 McLeod Miracle Children, Children’s Hospital physicians and staff with the theme EVERY CHILD IS FAMILY.

From left to right: Dr. Carl Chelen, Pediatric Intensivist; Dr. Pamela Clark, Pediatric Endocrinologist; Ella Craig Dixon; Dr. Judith Ugale-Wilson, Pediatric Intensivist; Dr. Charlest Trant, Pediatric Cardiologist; Dr. Keither Player, Surgeon; and Dr. Albert Gilpin, Pediatric Orthopedic Surgeon.

The 2013 McLeod Miracle Children are Nicholas Mohr, Josh Cook, Hallie and Sullivan Reynolds, and Jonathan and Chandler Adams.

Nicholas Mohr
Nicholas Mohr is the five-year-old son of Amy and Dr. Richard Mohr of McLeod Family Medicine Health and Fitness, who credit the McLeod Emergency Department and McLeod Children’s Hospital for saving Nicholas’ life after he suffered a long seizure and subsequently ventricular fibrillation, or abnormal heart rhythm.

Josh Cook
Josh Cook of Florence was 16 years old when he was diagnosed by his primary care physician, Dr. Michael Brown of Dillon Family Medicine, with a large brain tumor at the base of his brain. Drs. Andrew Rhea & William Naso, Florence Neurosurgery and Spine, performed the four hour surgery to remove Josh’s tumor. Following the surgery, Josh recovered in the McLeod Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU). Unable to attend his Prom due to his hospitalization, the PICU staff hosted one for him at McLeod. He is now in college and plans on becoming a physician one day.

Hallie and Sullivan Reynolds
Leah and Landon Reynolds welcomed their twin daughters Hallie and Sullivan into the world on April 9, 2012, when Leah went into labor at just 23 weeks and six days.

From severe lung complications to brain hemorrhages, or brain bleeds, to a congenital heart defect, Hallie and Sullivan fought for their lives in the McLeod Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU).

After four months in the McLeod NICU, Landon and Leah took Hallie and Sullivan home. Recently, Hallie and Sullivan celebrated their first birthday, a milestone that perhaps seemed impossible a year ago.

Jonathan and Chandler Adams
Having been a part of the McLeod Loris Seacoast family for many years, Randy and Valeria Adams chose McLeod Seacoast Pediatric Rehabilitation to care for their sons, Jonathan (10) and Chandler (8), who are both on the autism spectrum.

“To see our sons advance from signing, to using pictures, to being able to speak to us, has been a truly joyous experience,” said Valeria. “Both boys look forward to their sessions, and every member of the rehabilitation team goes out of their way to challenge and help them because they genuinely care.”

To learn more about the McLeod Miracle Children and the McLeod Children’s Hospital, visit

We thank those who serve our children and those families who entrust us with their care.