Demonstrating the Service Excellence Standard of Personal Ownership


I was passing through the lobby of one of our buildings recently, and I noticed an employee assisting a woman as she helped her very weak mother out of her car, and into a wheelchair. The person helping was not one of our valet team, nor did it seem that she was involved in patient care. Rather, the employee was on her way to a meeting, and, rather than hurry out the door with her own agenda as her priority, she took the time to help one of our customers. What a surprise, when the patient’s daughter hugged that employee to thank her!

It may seem that helping someone get out of a car is not extraordinary, but when it is done cheerfully and with a willing attitude of service, it becomes an extraordinary demonstration of the McLeod Value of Integrity to that customer. In fact, here at McLeod Health, we have defined a standard of behavior that specifically addresses this kind of service; it’s called, “Personal Ownership.” Personal Ownership happens when we do what it takes to meet our customer’s need. It means that we never say, “That’s not my job.”

Yet another example of Service Excellence

Yet another example of Service Excellence

We are well on our way to introducing all of our ten Service Excellence Standards to our team, and Personal Ownership is just one of them. The Standards will provide very specific examples of behaviors that demonstrate our Values of Caring, Person, Quality and Integrity, and everyone is ‘cordially’ expected to act according to our Standards. 

As we introduce each of the ten standards this summer, we are asking our team to tell us stories of excellence that they see, as they observe their co-workers caring for our customers. Then in September, we will take some time to celebrate these stories, and to look together, at ways that our Service Excellence Standards can be exhibited by every one of us. Our people are learning, that when we apply Service Excellence Standards in how we do our work every day, our customers experience a consistent level of excellence across the entire organization.



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