McLeod Health Community Board

Committed to Service

On Monday, I attended  the regularly scheduled meeting of the McLeod Regional Medical Center Community Board.  Comprised of 19 members, including 11 physicians, the Community Board serves the McLeod Health Board and is responsible for Quality, Safety, and Credentialing.  The members of the Community Board volunteer their time and energy to help guide McLeod. 

Please acknowledge their efforts on behalf of our organization by extending a thank you for their service if you know them or see them at work. The current members of the Community Board are:

John C. Pittard, MD, Chairman
Rob Colones, Vice Chairman
Marie Segars, Secretary

Walter Blum, MD, Chief of Staff for McLeod Dillon
Patrick Denton, MD
Thomas Dickinson, MD, Chief of Staff for McLeod Darlington
Fulton Ervin, Chief Financial Officer
Daniel Fox, MD
Beverly Hazelwood
Leanne Huminski, Chief Nursing Officer
Donna Isgett, Vice President of Clinical Effectiveness
Gregory Jones, MD, Chief of Staff for McLeod Regional Medical Center
Fred Krainin, MD
Dale Lusk, MD
John Ramsey
John Sonfield, MD
Alva Whitehead, MD
Isam Zakhour, MD
Benjamin Zeigler

The agenda for the Monday night meeting included: a review of recommendations by the McLeod Regional Medical Center medical staff on credentials for physicians (by Dr. Alva Whitehead), national recognition of McLeod by the Dave Ramsey organization for the Financial Peace Program (by Jeannette Glenn), a review of financial reports for nine months of this fiscal year (by Fulton Ervin), and a discussion about the impact of health care reform on patient care and programs (by Rob Colones).  The model we have shared with Congressional Representatives was reviewed and discussed.  Our Board had some interesting insight into how these changes should be modified in order to work better.  We will be incorporating these thoughts into our next round of discussion with our representatives. 

More information on McLeod Health Governance
The McLeod Health Board is a 19 member governing board that includes six physicians and members from six counties in our region.  Board members serve five-year terms and are eligible to serve three consecutive five-year terms.

The McLeod Health Community Board, is an advisory board selected by the McLeod Health Board.  More than 51% of the board members are physicians.  Board members serve three-year terms.

Mission Statement
The mission of McLeod Health is to improve the overall health and well being of people living within South Carolina and eastern North Carolina by providing excellence in healthcare.

Service Area
The primary service area has been defined as the six-county Pee Dee Region:
Florence, Darlington, Dillon, Marion, Marlboro and Chesterfield
The secondary service area includes the following counties: Clarendon, Georgetown, Horry, Lee, Sumter and Williamsburg.

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