Opinion of the South Carolina Hospital Association MedPAC

Here is an update from the South Carolina Hospital Association by Thornton Kirby (SCHA President).  Also attached is a letter with the SCHA’s opinion about the idea of a MedPAC with additional powers like the military’s commission on military base closings.  If you have any thoughts, please respond in the comments section.  I’d like to hear your ideas on this proposal.

July 28, 2009

Health Care Reform.The Senate has advised President Obama not to expect a bill before the August recess, and that means many Senators will get an earful from the folks back home before they cast a vote. Every day in this bizarre debate produces a new concept for reform, and ideas worthy of detailed study seem to receive no more than 24 hours in the sun before they are thrown out with the afternoon garbage. Last week’s big idea was the creation of a new executive branch agency similar to the Super MedPAC.  The concept—give the President the power to manage provider payments and make it very hard for Congress to intervene—scared many in our industry and provoked widespread criticism. SCHA heard your opposition to this new agency and delivered a letter to our delegation opposing it. A copy of the letter is attached. 

-South Carolina Hospital Association

SCHA Letter to Delegation

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