Thanks! SFO Helps Preserve 35 Jobs!

When we pull together we can reach our goals. It looks like will meet our third quarter (April, May, June) patient visits and SFO targets. I wanted to express my appreciation for all your help and hard work.

At the end of June, 97.8 percent of SFO days were taken (with 1,647 hours to go) by many members of the team! Others contributed with a variety of suggestions and ideas on ways to cut costs. Thanks to your dedication on SFO (Scheduled Furlough Off) we saved enough in salary dollars and expenses in the three months to save 35 jobs from layoffs.

In the worst national recession in 30 years, patient visit volumes dropped as patients limited or postponed medical care. As a team we needed to reduce expenses and match staffing to patient visits. Again, your cooperation, compassion and willingness to help during these challenging times has truly made a difference. It is a tribute to the character of our employees and the commitment to our values at McLeod.

While this was a sacrifice, it did help us protect job security and eliminate the need for reductions in our work force. I understand very well that many of our people live within tight budgets and have a great deal of financial commitments. However, this furlough translated into saving dozens of jobs and more than $2 million to offset budget shortfalls resulting from this difficult economic time. The furloughs were scheduled during a time when census is typically low. The link to a Letter to Employees this past spring about the Furlough is attached below.

In the last quarter of the year (July, August, September) we will continue to be vigilant over expenses and allow those who were unable to take all of their SFO to catch up so we can reach 100 percent of our goal.

I wanted to again take this opportunity to thank you for your part. As we face this national recession together, may we find encouragement in our service of others.



Click here to view furlough letter

3 Responses to “Thanks! SFO Helps Preserve 35 Jobs!”

  1. Lilly Wing says:

    Thank you for saving our jobs using creative and caring ways to support our staff and community. Many of our staff members have expressed gratitude and appreciation for the service we are allowed to offer here at McLeod Hospital. Thank you.

  2. Erin Faile says:

    Thank you for letting us know this outcome. I think when we all come together to reach a goal like this it is nice to hear the outcomes. Thank you for helping us use this option rather than lay offs.

  3. Rob Colones says:

    Thanks for your comments. I wasn’t sure how many people were reading the blog. I hope this will be a way to provide additional information and engage in a discussion around some of these issues.