The Patient’s Voice About Service Excellence

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I had the opportunity to read this note from a patient who responded to his great satisfaction with the care he received at  McLeod Health Dillon.  It is another chance to see the details from a patient’s perspective of what happens when a team of people pull together to deliver excellent medical service.  Expressed in the voice of the patient is the Value of Caring … demonstrating PROFESSIONALISM. The clear message here is that we should be fully present for our customers, displaying a positive image that shows respect for ourselves, for McLeod Health, and for the customer.

To Whom It May Concern:

I was admitted Friday morning and was pleasantly greeted and taken care of by Tanya McKenzie and Pat Kennedy.  These are the two nurses who took my information and prepared me for gall bladder surgery.

Unfortunately, I don’t remember the names of the two nurses who came to get me for surgery but would like to say thanks to them for taking good care of me and answering my questions and making me feel comfortable before going into surgery.

Everyone at Dillon McLeod in the West Wing went out of their way to see to my needs and made me feel very comfortable and even went out of their way to make my wife comfortable while I was in surgery.

The following are some of the nurses who took great care of me and I would like them to know their efforts are greatly appreciated.

Shannon Carter
Kelly Driggers
Lynne Livingston
Keshia Buckingham
Tammy King
Mary Quick, CNA
Tijuana Bethea
Thelma Bethea


I want to recognize the team at Dillon and thank each one of you in the organization who displays the value of caring in your service to others.  Thanks for helping us continue to be the Choice for Medical Excellence.


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