McLeod Invited to Participate in National Model

On Tuesday, Dr. John Toussaint and Nancy Gurnee from the ThedaCare Center for Healthcare Value, in Appleton, Wisconsin, visited McLeod Health.  The meeting was to exchange information on quality, safety and cost effectiveness for healthcare organizations using ‘lean’ methods to improve processes, remove unnecessary steps and bring additional value to our patients.

OE group photo

Pictured above are Nancy Gurnee, Donna Isgett, Larry Adams and Dr. John Toussaint

We are pleased that McLeod Health has been invited to join the Healthcare Value Leaders Network and participate in their global reach on these initiatives.  The Network’s goals for the healthcare industry as a whole are to:

-Improve safety, quality, and efficiency in the delivery of care

-Document best practices for lean transformation

-Create a common definition of value in healthcare

-Create common measures for performance comparison

This network is one of the primary means through which lean principles will spread in healthcare. It is focused on fundamentally improving the way healthcare is delivered in the U.S. by using the principles of continuous improvement and redesign to remove waste and to improve quality. The network will engage working groups of dedicated providers, including McLeod, to connect with and learn from each other, thereby creating tangible momentum toward value in healthcare.

The national Network is achieving the same kind of remarkable quality and productivity improvements that American manufacturers have produced over the last 30 years using ‘lean’ methods.  These Network members are dedicated to applying similar continuous improvement techniques in their organizations.

The current organizations in the network are:

-Group Health Cooperative – Seattle, WA
-Gundersen Lutheran Health System – La Crosse, WI
-Harvard Vanguard Medical Associates – Boston, MA
-Hotel Dieu-Grace Hospital – Windsor, Ontario, Canada
-Iowa Health System – Des Moines, IA
-Johns Hopkins Medicine – Baltimore, MD
-Lawrence & Memorial Hospital – New London, CT
-Lehigh Valley Health Network – Allentown, PA
-McLeod Health – Florence, SC
-Mercy Medical Center – Cedar Rapids, IA
-Park Nicollet Health Services – Minneapolis, MN
-St. Boniface General Hospital – Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
-St. Joseph Health System – Orange, CA
-ThedaCare – Appleton, WI
UCLA Health System – Los Angeles, CA
-University of Michigan Health System – Ann Arbor, MI

During the visit on Tuesday, Dr. Toussaint and Nancy Gurnee, joined Donna Isgett and other members of our Operational Effectiveness team – Renee Kennedy, Will McLeod, and Larry Adams.  The group reviewed improvements by teams from McLeod working in Case Management, Laboratory, Emergency Department and Telemetry.  It was a good opportunity to share information as we search for ways to improve processes to benefit our patients.

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Other information:

See blog from June 24th

McLeod Health uses lean methodology in Operational Effectiveness (OE) In early 2007, McLeod embarked on a new quality initiative called “Operational Effectiveness.”  Using our nationally recognized Clinical Effectiveness initiatives that have put McLeod in the national spotlight related to the quality of patient care, we started Operational Effectiveness (OE) related to quality in how we do our work.

OE is driven by efforts to remove the burdens of work, take the unnecessary steps away, and allow more time to focus on “value added” work. OE has been implemented out of respect for people, both our patients and our employees.

2 Responses to “McLeod Invited to Participate in National Model”

  1. Mark Graban says:

    Thanks for sharing openly on your blog. I’m proud to be part of this important effort as part of the Lean Enterprise Institute team. I hope to be able to see your process in person at some point.

  2. rob colones says:

    Dear Mr. Grabon,
    Thanks for your thoughts. We appreciate your communication, interest and involvement. As you may now know, we have Rapid Improvement Events (RIEs) on the third week of each month. The team conducting the RIE is usually composed of nine people … three who work in the department, three who work ‘up-stream’ or ‘down-stream’ from the work, and three who can be ‘fresh eyes.’ The improvement effort is based on the Toyota Production Model and is modified for health care and patient care. It is exciting work for all of us.

    Rob Colones