McLeod Safety Fair

At 4:00 p.m. on Tuesday, I attended the McLeod Quality and Safety Fair, held in the Cafe Du Jour commons area, to see the work shared by our people on these initiatives and standards. The two day event reflects great efforts and attendance. Within the first day alone, there were more than 1700 attendees. The Poster Fair provided focused information that staff need to know in an enjoyable way. The organizing committee, led by Linda Duncan, wanted to use this instructional opportunity to teach as well as celebrate the successes of the last year of survey excellence and readiness.


Jill Blaker, Clinical Effectiveness Coordinator, discusses Quality Improvement with Dr. David Horger, McLeod Urologist.

Just a brief overview of some of the topics included:
-The new electronic Improve the Process Form.
-Bee Alert (Confidentiality)
-Service Excellence
-CE/OE and Quality Project overviews
-Fire Safety
-Emergency Management
-Skills testing in a virtual room.
-McLeod alpha/bravo notification system


Linda Duncan, Director of Survey Readiness, instructs Fair participants.

I was extremely pleased to see the work and posters highlighting reminders and efforts to be safe, be alert, and continue to improve for our patients and team. Excellent work by participants, and Linda Duncan and her team.

Rob Colones

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