Patient Responds To Excellent Service

McLeod Darlington

I recently read the following letter from a patient’s daughter. Her impression of the excellent care and medical service  at McLeod Medical Center in Darlington was extremely favorable. It reflected the commitment and concern of our medical staff and professional team in Darlington.  It is another example of consistent service from person to person, department to department as our colleagues work together to provide care and support for a patient who needs our help. It is the kind of service that reflects the care we would want for our own family members.

July 29, 2009

My father, (name held for confidentiality), has been a patient at your facility twice.  Once in June, for a respiratory inflammation and yesterday, for an outpatient colonoscopy.  My sister and I would like to thank your staff for such attentive and loving care that they gave to our father.  All the nurses that were assigned to him, respiratory therapy, housekeeping, everyone was so nice.  During the colonscopy, the entire staff was very thorough and kept us informed on Daddy’s condition.  Dr. Lilly is an asset to the hospital.  He is so kind to dad and makes us all feel very comfortable.  It is a great profession to help people, people from all walks of life.  I commend you and your entire staff for loving their profession and letting it show through their actions.


Daughter of  the patient

While we also receive letters where we have not been consistent in one or more of our departments across the hospital system, there are many, many more letters where your actions are examples of our values.  Thank you for allowing me to share this letter about dedicated staff at McLeod Medical Center in Darlington.  When you see Dr. Lilly, Pat Godbold, Jenny Hardee, Faye Street, James Cooper, Nancy Vivian or any of the team in Housekeeping, Nursing, Respiratory, Outpatient OR, please thank them for their work and service in Darlington.  Let’s learn from their example and continue in our efforts to serve with excellence.



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