The Inside Workings of a Hospital

This summer, two medical school students – Anna Collins and Zack Coward – spent time with Dr. Whitehead in a special program designed to share with these ’soon to be’ physicians and orient them to the daily challenges of the inside workings of a hospital.  The program was an idea conceived by Dr. Alva Whitehead, Vice President of McLeod Medical Staff services and  is funded by the McLeod Foundation. It  has been a great success for those involved.  In addition to helping these medical school students understand the healthcare system, perhaps the program will lead to a choice for one of them to join the medical staff after their training has been completed. This summer program, now in its second year,  specifically searches for first year medical school students who live in the Pee Dee region.


Brenda Allen, Zac Coward, Anna Collins and Dr. Alva Whitehead

Here is a thank you note we received from both of the students who attended recently.

Dr. Whitehead,

I appreciate everything you did to make the six week program at McLeod a wonderful experience for both Zack and me.  I learned so much from you, Bob, and all of the McLeod staff who welcomed us and made us feel at home there.  I gained a much better understanding of how a hospital is run from many different perspectives and was inspired to learn even more about medicine, healthcare policies, and ethical issues.  I have recommended the books we read with you to several medical students recently and will look forward to telling upcoming first year students how much I enjoyed the program.  Thanks again for all of the effort you put into this internship and for being such a gifted teacher and mentor.

Anna Collins

Dr. Whitehead,

Thank you for having me in the fellowship program this summer.  On several occasions people mentioned to Anna and I all you do in organizing the program and adding to your busy schedule, so thank you for working to give us this experience.  Being in the hospital was a refreshing experience after a year of classroom work, and I learned much about all the different roles within a hospital, the issues facing hospitals and physicians, and how services are examined and changed within the hospital setting.  I truly believe that everything I saw this summer will be extremely valuable going forward into my clinical years and practice.  Thanks for sharing your insights into the hospital and what we were seeing this summer, which helped us make sense of all the information.  again, thanks for everything you did to make this and enriching experience, and I look forward to stopping by and visiting when I get the chance and hopefully during a 3rd year rotation here as well.

Zack Coward

I want to take this opportunity to personally and publicly thank Dr. Alva Whitehead for his service to others.  As Vice President of Medical Services, he has provided Administration, Leadership and the Board with valuable insight on a host of issues from a physician’s perspective.  In addition, he has helped to create programs, including the one above for first year medical students, that help all of us to pause, listen, learn, and grow as better individuals.  Dr. Whitehead, Thanks!

Rob Colones

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