Emergency Department on Track with EmergiSoft

I had an opportunity this morning to visit the Emergency Department to listen and learn more about the electronic tracking and record system.  Tony Derrick, Director of the ED, and Dr. Jeremy Robertson, who was the Emergency Medicine Physician working in the ED today, helped me to learn more about the new system which went ‘live’ on August 25th.  It was a good chance for me to listen and understand about the transition from EMStation to Emergisoft.  I heard about the stress of the change, striving to make improvements ‘prior to’ and since ‘live,’ and the success of the conversion.


ER physician, Dr. Jeremy Robertson, demonstrates how to use the new ED tracking system.

Change is difficult, especially when it impacts our every movement and daily routine.  The ‘Reason for Action’ was due to the age and discontinued support for the previous system, EMStation.  EMStation was purchased by Cerner and a decision was made by the company to discontinue and replace EMStation.  After many months of research, system demonstrations, and site visits, the Emergency Department’s team of ED Physicians, ED Nursing and IS selected Emergisoft from among several leading companies for this application.  In addition to patient tracking and results reporting, Emergisoft is an electronic documentation system.  This system is designed to increase the efficiency from the ‘front door through the physician visit and the discharge’.

The system provides the ability to electronically document and retrieve the complete patient and departmental workflow of the Emergency Department in real-time.  We expect some time delays as people learn new routines and where to ‘click and enter’ information, but with patience and training the system will benefit the workflow in the ED.


ED Director, Tony Derrick, trains ED nurse Mark Godbold on EmergiSoft.

I appreciate Tony Derrick, Dr. Peter Hyman, and the leadership of others in the ED to plan this solution and conversion.  We expect the result to provide timely and accurate information as we care for patients who need the services offered by the team in the ED.


2 Responses to “Emergency Department on Track with EmergiSoft”

  1. Dawn Stirrat says:

    I understand the need for a new system, but why wasn’t all of the hospital staff notified of the change before going live? I think if everyone had been expecting the change, it would have made things go a lot smoother.

    • Rob Colones says:

      Dawn, you are right. Thanks for your idea. I will ask Jenean Blackmon, Chief Information Officer (CIO), to include this idea in our future ‘roll-out’ plans for system changes.

      I also checked with Tony Derrick, our ED Director. He confirms announcements at Department Director meetings, Leadership Council, and Operations. Signs about the conversion were posted in Physician lounges and the change was discussed at several of the Nursing Directors meetings. However, an email to all staff would have also been helpful. We need to communicate ‘10 times, 10 ways.’ One of the reasons for this blog was to have another place to communicate and I appreciate your idea.

      Rob Colones