Learning Together

I want to make note of something our Vice Presidents are engaged with in order to listen and learn about the work ongoing in our departments.  I received this update from Teresa Anderson about her work with Nursing in the last few weeks.  Teresa has worked several shifts directly with staff to listen, learn and help leadership understand the work that is ongoing.  I asked Teresa for this update.  After speaking with her about each experience, I wanted you hear about Teresa’s own personal impressions in these areas.


This is a brief summary of my experience last Wednesday night. 

When I was given Administrative oversight for Laundry Services, I dressed in scrubs and spent a day working in Laundry.  I worked along side the team in  Laundry to gain an understanding of their work and work process.  I have had similar shadowing experiences in Environmental Services, Nutrition Services and Security.

In the past two weeks, I put the scrubs back on and spent time working with Cherry Drulis, Director of Neuroscience and Stroke Unit, and the clinical areas of Stroke and Neurology.  Time was spent with Dana Martin, RN-Neurology 3:00 p.m – 11:00p.m., Dawn Spivey, PCS-Neurology 7a – 1p and last week I shadowed Judy Caliboso, RN-Stroke Unit, 11 p.m. – 7:00a.m. 

This recent experience, reaffirms for me the importance of teamwork and relationships with others, both inside and outside of the department. In addition to the Nurses, Technicians and Physicians … Radiology, Plant Operations, Respiratory Therapy, Environmental Services, Nutrition Services, IS, and Pharmacy were members of the team that night, working with the nurse to meet the needs of the patients.  I experienced a strong pro-active team; responding quickly, demonstrating Service Excellence to our patients and to each other.  Whether implied or expressed, the team had a common goal, meeting the needs of the patient. 

The nurses I shadowed were excellent!  Each demonstrated the McLeod Values of Caring, the Person, Quality and Integrity.  What I learn each time I have done this is a better understanding of the work, the work flow and how the work impacts our patients and staff.  There is much to learn about Stroke and Neurology.  ‘Shadowing’ is just another way to listen, see, learn the work and connect with our people. 


learning together_Teresa

Teresa Anderson, Vice President of Support Services, shadows Dawn Spivey, RN, in the Stroke and Neurology unit.

2 Responses to “Learning Together”

  1. Deborah Poston says:

    Mr. Colones,
    I think it is wonderful that senior leadership takes time to walk in the shoes of their staff. One of the ideas, which are so firmly seeded in my mind, from teaching the leadership courses for McLeod Training is that Leadership should grow their staff to become better than they are, to develop high goals and to embrace the culture of the organization. It is difficult for Leaders to do this unless the staff sees this desire in them. By working in the trenches (so to speak), we start the building of this process and we start growing as a whole. I hope to continue to read about experiences such as Teresa’s.

    • Rob Colones says:


      Thanks for your thoughts. As we embrace, understand and live our core value of quality, we will continue to improve together. Proverbs 27:17 says, ‘As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another.’ As we work together on behalf of our patients we can improve our service to others. Teresa’s ’shadowing’ is a good example.