A few weeks ago, and again on Tuesday, teams from hospitals in Boston, MA, and Athens, GA, visited McLeod Health to see the work of our teams in quality and safety. 


Representatives from Emerson Hospital in Boston joined us at McLeod Regional Medical Center in August to gain insights into how McLeod has approached its quality improvement efforts. (Right) The group observes a McLeod team as they work on an operational effectiveness project.


We learn from these visitors … and hopefully they take away parts of our Clinical and Operational Effectiveness programs designed to improve quality and safety.  After the group from Athens left, my prayer was that we remain teachable. As I listened to many members of our team and our physicians, I was proud to be a part of the team at McLeod Health.  In so many positive ways we have responded to a national call to improve and add value for patients.

However, we must continue to ask ourselves these questions. ‘Do we think we’ve arrived?  Do we tend to think we’ve learned what we need to learn and now know what we need to know?  Do we see ourselves as having more answers than questions? Do we carry a hunger to know, to stabilize, standardize and improve?’ (‘A Shelter in the Time of Storm’ by Paul Tripp, pg 17) Do we want to know more and understand fully?  Do we still ask ‘why’ five times and listen carefully for the answers from the team? Do we have the approach of a Student? Are we teachable?

These can be helpful, guiding questions in our quest.  One of our four core values is Quality.  It does not mean we think we are perfect … It means we are continually striving to improve.  We measure, compare, put teams together and support them in this improvement work on behalf of our patients.  May we remain students in this work … teachable, listening and learning from one another as well as others.


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