Grand Rounds: Outcomes Matter

On Thursday evening, our Heart & Vascular Grand Rounds was held in the McLeod Conference Center.  Dr. Christopher Cunningham presented the results in vascular surgery. Dr. Rajesh Malik shared details and advancements in electrophysiology. Dr. Ian Smith provided expertise on the use of Plavix and Anti Platelet Therapies with patients. Each of the physicians recognized their partners, physician colleagues and the team who support these programs in the care of these patients.

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Dr. Greg Jones and Dr. Rajesh Malik take questions from guests at Grand Rounds.

Results and Outcomes do matter. Outcomes should be a part of the collaboration as decisions are made about what is best for patients. We released the latest annual data from the McLeod Heart & Vascular program as we did earlier this year in Cardiothoracic Surgery. We are releasing our outcomes as the catalyst for further improvement and to inform the medical community in our region about the success of efforts on behalf of patients.

The most recent Outcomes booklet is now in print reflecting this McLeod Cardiology and Vascular Surgery performance data as well as information on advancements and technology.

Please contact Tammy White in the McLeod Public Information Office at 777-5389 for a copy of the outcomes booklet and review these results. This information will also be available soon as a link from our McLeod Health Website.

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