Learning Together by Listening

Over the last few weeks, I have been including information in the blog about opportunities in which our leadership team has taken to  work with others, acknowledging the activities, projects and efforts outside their own specialties or functions.  In order to learn more about the ongoing, daily expectations of our departments and people, members of Leadership Council are getting back to place of work.  I received this report from Jenean Blackmon, our Chief Information Officer.  Working directly with the team in Medical Records, Jenean was able to listen, learn and gain a better understanding of the daily work in Medical Records.  I asked Jenean for an update about her day in Medical Records, especially after the August implementation of the Imaged Electronic Record.  After speaking with Jenean, I wanted you to see what she learned.

Jenean in Medical Records

Stephanie Thompson inputs data while Jenean Blackmon, VP of Information Systems, observes.



I wanted to share with you about my time in Medical Records with Susie Daniels, one of our Coders. I had the privilege of working with Susie and it was truly a pleasure. Susie is a very knowledgeable, skilled coder and it was amazing to watch how quickly she can scan a chart, identify what needs to be coded,
and associate the correct codes. 

Many people may not realize that the medical records department does much more than filing away a paper chart or pulling a chart when needed. The coders are responsible for reviewing the chart and based on the information documented in the chart, assigning codes for each condition or procedure. The codes assigned reflect the level of illness of the patient, which insurance payors use to determine the reimbursement McLeod receives for the care provided.

Now that we have an electronic medical record after the patient is discharged, the roles and responsibilities of the medical records staff has changed considerably.  Part of that change was the implementation of the Coding Management system which provides the coders with an electronic copy of the chart to review online for coding. While Susie still has to read the handwriting and assign the appropriate codes, the chart is pushed to her electronically and she does not have to find the paper copy in order to code.

The time I spent with Susie was very valuable and I thank her for allowing me the opportunity to come and shadow with her.  All of the staff in Medical Records are to be commended for their hard work. Over the last few months, they have continued to provide excellent service to physicians, staff, and the patients that request records while taking on new roles and responsibilities and learning a new system. I appreciate each of you and all you do for McLeod.   I also want to thank Mavis Turner for her excellent leadership in Medical Records and in the transition to the electronic medical record. 


Jenean Blackmon

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