Supporting the Culture of Health

I am proud of all that we do in striving to make McLeod “The Choice for Medical Excellence".  Each and every day, I see the tangible ways all of us live our mission to improve the overall health and well-being of the people within our region.

I am equally proud of the importance we place on developing innovative, cost-effective programs that support the health and well-being of our employees through Living Well. Living Well is a “home-grown” health and wellness initiative developed as part of our Strategic Plan.  Living Well provides a platform for extending our philosophy of care internally to our employees and their families. As an Employer of Choice in our community, we want to lead by example, which includes helping our patients—as well as members of our team — to lead healthy lives.

This year, we are taking Living Well to a new level by growing a “culture of health” at McLeod. This journey is a shared partnership between McLeod and You, and is intended to help keep you healthy.

This exciting and broad-based initiative will be overseen by Jeanette Glenn, Vice President of Human Resources. Ms. Glenn will work with many internal experts, including Dr. Peter Johnson, Medical Director of Occupational & Employee Health and Dr. Charles Jordan, Medical Director of McLeod Physician Associates, Dieticians and others in order to develop our “culture of health” initiative.

One of the next action steps we are taking is the “Health Resource Expo” that will feature free health screenings, a health assessment and informative resources on a variety of topics designed to help you better manage your health. The Expo will coincide with our annual benefits enrollment period and will run from November 2 through November 18.

You will be hearing more about the Expo over the next week. While participation is voluntary, I urge you to attend the Expo to learn about the wide range of health and wellness programs available to you as we work together to develop a “culture of health.”


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