Leaders from Canada Visit McLeod Health

On Monday and Tuesday, six leaders from Trillium Health Centre, Toronto, Canada, visited McLeod Health as part of a program sponsored by the Centre for Healthcare Quality Improvement in Ontario.

“Our initiatives, the trusted relationship we have developed with many stakeholders in Ontario, and our strategic partnerships with leading-edge organizations … Are stepping stones on our collective journey to performance excellence.” Centre for Healthcare Quality Improvement Annual Report

Hospital Tour-Tracy Stanton 11-2-09 022

Tony Derrick, Director of the McLeod Emergency Department, discusses the ED Patient Tracking System with the visitors from Trillium Health Centre.


Visiting from Trillium:  Janet Davidson, President and CEO; Ruby Brown, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer; Patti Cochrane, Vice President – Patient Services and Quality and Chief Nursing Officer; May Chang, Vice President Corporate Services and Chief Financial Officer; Dr. Gopal Bhatnagar, Chief of Staff; and Scott McLeod, Vice President – Strategy and Business Transformation.

Trillium Health is one of several hospitals in Ontario selected to participate in a 16-month program in Ontario.  Building on lessons from high performing physicians and hospitals around the world, the program aims to assist organizations to achieve break-through results in quality outcomes. 

McLeod Health was selected as one of seven hospitals in the United States to participate in a mentorship program.  Partnered with Trillium, this program provides physician and hospital leaders with the opportunity to participate in action-based learning initiatives.

I received a note this morning from Scott McLeod with Trillium.  I wanted to share their thoughts with you.

Good Morning Rob – Thank you ever so much for your generous hospitality and time that you and your team spent with us – we have many, many “take aways” – our team was very impressed with your organization and operation and were struck by the similarity of challenges and initiatives that our respective organizations have – despite the fundamentally different health care systems.


A gift from our Canadian visitors, this soapstone miniature of a traditional Inuit guide post – called an Inukshuk is a symbol of a guidepost - reflecting the efforts to help guide travelers down "the right path."

This is a gift from our Canadian visitors, a symbol of a guidepost – reflecting the efforts to help guide travelers down “the right path.”

The small gift we left is a soapstone miniature of a traditional Inuit guide post – called an Inukshuk – it is the official symbol of the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver Canada – these are usually quite large constructed of stone and usually in the general shape of a man – they have been used for thousands of years to provide a guidepost for Inuit travelers to keep them on the “right path” – so we thought it was an appropriate symbol of our organizations’ respective quality journey.  Thank you for sharing your experiences and insights – we have learned a lot from our visit and it has been a helpful guidepost on our quality journey.

Thank you again for your wonderful hospitality and we look forward to the opportunity to reciprocate in 2010!

Take Care,

I wanted to thank each one of you at McLeod Health for your service to others and your faithfulness to our patients. 


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