Response to Service Excellence and Patient Needs at McLeod

A service expansion program will soon be underway at McLeod Regional Medical Center to respond to the issue of parking limitations, convenience and demands for easier access to the wide range of health care services offered to the region by McLeod Health.

New Construction

Construction of a new parking deck is planned for the coming year. McLeod Parking Deck East breaks ground in January, 2010 and is set for completion by mid-summer. The location of this three-story parking facility, which will provide approximately 350 parking spaces for patients and visitors, will face Cheves Street, between the McLeod Pavilion Tower and McLeod Tower.


Preparation for patient parking will begin in early December. The three-story building will have 350 spaces for patients and visitors to park their cars while receiving care at McLeod. It will face Cheves Street and will be situated between the McLeod Tower and the McLeod Pavilion, in front of the hallway that connects the two buildings.

Response to Patient Needs

While McLeod’s patient satisfaction survey scores remain above the national average, parking has been identified as an issue for patients and visitors.

“We are pleased to respond to the issues of ease of entry to patient care areas with this new parking. To better serve our patients and visitors, the parking improvement will provider quicker access to patient care destinations and entrances,” stated Marie Segars, Administrator of McLeod Regional Medical Center.

No Disruption in Services During Construction

Current parking in this area will be redirected during the seven-month construction period. There will be minimal disruption to patients and visitors and the availability of valet parkers will be increased for the convenience of McLeod guests at both the McLeod Tower and McLeod Pavilion.

Funding Plans and Lowest Construction Costs at This Time

McLeod is applying for a Federal Transportation Authority grant to help fund this construction. The funding of this approximately $ 3.5 million project, anticipated and prepared for during the last five years, is financed from reserves and savings, not current operational budgets.

We are investing in the physical plant now, meeting the need for patient parking, during a period of time when construction costs are much lower because of the recession.


Additionally, the new patient parking has been designed to protect trees and setbacks on the McLeod property.

The new patient parking will be a safe design, offer ease of use and navigation for patients and visitors, as well as durability and low maintenance.

Protective fencing for the construction will begin to go up during December, following the McLeod Hospice Tree Lighting festivities.

More Growth Anticipated in the Future

It is expected that patient and visitor traffic will continue to increase, and as one of the four anchor medical systems in the state, McLeod continues to be blessed with an outstanding staff and dedicated patients. Health care decision makers continue to seek our services and to make McLeod their choice for medical excellence.

I want to thank you all for your part in the continued growth and development of McLeod Health.


3 Responses to “Response to Service Excellence and Patient Needs at McLeod”

  1. Celia Whitten says:

    I met a young man last week at the Day Hospital entrance who was waiting for his grandmother to pick him up after a procedure. Because it was taking a while for her to come, he was concerned that she was having trouble driving in the parking deck.

    It made me think that there may be a lot of older folks around here who have little experience driving in parking buildings and may be nervous about parking there (although ours is certainly better than any other I’ve ever used).

    I wonder if it might be a good idea to have valet parking at the entrance to the new parking facility. That way, those who are too nervous to park there could still leave their cars there. I think that having that service available would make the deck more “user friendly” to our older customers. Thanks for considering my suggestion.

    • Rob Colones says:

      Thanks Celia. We will increase valet presence at the facility entrances. I will speak with the parking team about your idea. Perhaps we can also survey or ‘focus group’ our outpatients to see if there is a ‘fear’ factor with the use of those spaces.

      Thanks for your comment.

  2. Matthew says:

    Finally an answer to prayer! I have been here for 18 years, in Security and am very pleased we can seize on the opportunity to build this structure. Parking, as we know for anyone who has been here for any amount time, has always been an issue. This is great, and I thank the Hospital, for all their hard work to make things a little easier for our patients and as employees, and our families lives, too. Keep up the good work!