The Face of Commitment

Much has been said or written recently in the current national debate on health care.  At times it has been both disheartening and a bit confusing to hear some of the explanations or issues of complexity explained in such simplified terms.  In my opinion, things said by leaders in our government and in healthcare have missed the mark or have been so generalized as to be misleading.  Many of the solutions are directed at secondary rather than primary causes.  I have wondered who was advising our leaders or preparing them for remarks.

One group that has been misunderstood and under-appreciated in this debate is our physicians.  They say you have to ‘walk a mile in someone’s shoes’ to fully understand.  Those of us who work along side our physicians know the schedules they keep, the stress and expectation placed upon them, and the requirements from every level of government.  We see the impact on their personal lives and upon their physical well being.  For me, they represent the ‘Face of Commitment’ as they daily go about their work of serving others.

We are recognizing these leaders on the team for their devotion and hard work.  It brings a sense of nobility and compassion to our work with them as we serve on the patient’s behalf.  Even if the public does not fully understand, we can support them in this national discussion. For six weeks, we are sharing the “Face of Commitment” in print opportunities through area newspapers and periodicals. At McLeod, we want to thank them for their dedication and service which remains steadfast and part of their calling to serve others. Despite the confusion and contradictions during this year’s heated national attention on healthcare reform, the focus of our physicians continues to be on patient needs and improving the health of our community. Please join me in thanking them.



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2 Responses to “The Face of Commitment”

  1. Matthew says:

    Yes I agree with you Mr. Colones, our medical staff of Doctors and those everywhere are not seeming to be heard. So I say thank you to them and all they do here at Mcleod and worldwide. I take political issues serious and am an avid follower in all that is going on around us. I pray everyday for the right descions to be made for the good of all of us. Thank you again to all the doctors here at Mcleod Health and around the world.

  2. Lilly Wing says:

    Amen. Thank you for supporting and recognizing our physicians as the team leaders and as the experts whose dedication and hard work give rise to health care practices that are being discussed. Your public awareness offers others a time to reflect on how the decisions of today may effect our future care and practices. Thank you.