Learning Together

Here is a note from Judy Bibbo, Vice President of Patient Services.  I spoke with Judy about the day she worked in the MICU to observe caring for patients in an intensive care setting.  This direct observation of the care process and gathering a perspective close to the patient will help us make better decisions and continuously improve patient care.

Recently I was able to step away from my routines and spend time in the MICU observing the staff and Dr. Asem Abdeljalil as they worked together in providing care for the 16 patients in the unit.  For me, anytime I am able to work with staff and physicians at the bedside it is such a powerful reminder of what a great staff we have.  I watched Sherry Wilson as she juggled many interactions, needs and opportunities to coach her staff. I was so impressed with her willingness to get involved and help the staff in problem solving or with moving a patient from Hemodialysis to MICU.  I watched as it was evident each decision she made was focused on what would be best for the patient.

The day I worked in MICU, both nurses who were recently honored with the 2009 Joseph G. Sylvester awards were also working.  Elizabeth Wright, RN, was precepting Stephanie Mitchell who is a new graduate and recently started at McLeod.  Listening to Elizabeth Wright as she discussed the orientation process I observed the ease of the dialogue between the two of them. The professionalism as an experienced ICU nurse, who wants to be sure she is doing all she can to mentor a new nurse in being prepared to give the best care possible, was obvious.

Kristin O’Neal, RN,  who is the 2009 Sylvester award recipient, was working with a very complicated patient and needed the support of others from the MICU, Respiratory and Radiology Teams.  Tommie Powell and Craig Larrimore from Radiology came to MICU to discuss the potential options for working together to obtain the radiology access needed for this patient.  I could observe their demonstrated commitment to Service Excellence. The transporters, Celeste Howanich and Steven Lee, knew just how to move the bed and all of the equipment. Respiratory Therapists, Shannon Wall and Tara Brookens, were also involved in moving Kristin’s patient.  I observed the values of caring and patient safety.  Each of these staff members worked together in a difficult situation as a team for a common goal of excellent care for this patient.  I was impressed as they paused to be sure that they involved the patient, reassuring he and his wife of the treatment plan and safety steps in the transport.

Judy on MICU

Judy Bibbo and Kristin O'Neal, RN, listen to Elizabeth Wright, RN, as she discusses a patient's care with Dr. Grant Breazeale in MICU.

As I watched the nurses and other staff members from different areas such as respiratory, environmental services, hemodialysis and wound care, it was easy to see Service Excellence standards in their everyday activities.  For example, when a visitor came to the unit door looking for a patient who was in a different area, a nurse paused in what she was doing and walked the visitor to another nursing station.  I also witnessed staff communicating to patients and family members about treatments and plans for care.  I observed these communications as complete and with care for the patient.

For me, an opportunity to work with our staff is such a powerful experience because we have such a great team who come together to live our McLeod Values of Caring, the Person, Quality and Integrity in such a natural way.  It shows they are living these values.

I want to thank the MICU Team (Deidre Young, Eugene Myers, Cassie Crowley, Crystal Carnes,  Mallory Broach, Lenora Evans, Tara Marshall, Kristin O’Neal, April Page, Joanne Rose, Effie Willing, Elizabeth Wright, Jayson Grice and our new team members: Amanda Ham, Samantha McAllister and Stephanie Mitchell) for allowing me to spend time with them and for providing excellent care for our patient and families.

I have heard from many of you who are reading the weblog.  While I am unable to post all of the direct observations that are taking place as we learn together, I want to thank you for the time you give to learn more about some of the work in the organization.



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