The Heart & Vascular Institute

Every Thursday at our McLeod Health Planning meeting, we focus on the needs and plans for our patients within each of the service lines. Last week, the team identified opportunities and enhancements for McLeod Heart & Vascular Institute services. We are assisted in this effort by Ben Rook and Bill McLellan, architects with Design Strategies of Greenville, South Carolina. Working with these experienced architects and planners, we are implementing the details for improving and growing heart services. Physicians, Nurses and leaders developed these plans in 2008 and 2009. These plans will enhance medical care for patients with heart and vascular disease.

The vision of this effort is to create the appropriate setting for the Heart & Vascular Institute located within McLeod Regional Medical Center. At present, these heart services are located in a variety of places throughout the McLeod Tower. With the ultimate goal a central location, patients and staff will be able to receive and give care in a more streamlined and efficient manner. A physical space will create a stronger identity for this service and help patients with ‘wayfinding.’

The Heart & Vascular Institute will continue to be located on the first floor of McLeod Tower, in an area formerly occupied by the Operating Rooms. The physical space in the McLeod Tower will span from the central loading dock and Radiology, (east and west) and from the CVICU to the central hallway, (north and south). Upon completion, the new Heart & Vascular Institute will be accessed by patients and families through a new entrance at the lobby of the McLeod Tower. The Heart & Vascular Institute will include: cardiovascular and vascular surgery, CVICU, cardiac catheterization labs, cardiac services with EKG and echocardiography, a new day hospital, pre- and post- procedure rooms and combined support areas for staff.

Demolition of the old operating rooms in the McLeod Tower began in mid-November 2009 by our Engineering and Construction teams. Utilizing the expertise of our internal team helps to control costs, the timing of the work and the safety of the area. Because the Heart & Vascular Institute is a renovation of existing space, the project was reviewed and exempted from the Certificate of Need (CON) process by DHEC.

Construction of the area will begin in February 2010. We plan to use the internal team from Engineering and Construction along with local subcontractors for most of the work. It is estimated that construction will be completed by February 2011. More details will be released in McLeod News. The Heart & Vascular Institute will further our mission and assist our team in fighting the number one cause of disease and mortality in our region.

Thanks for your patience and assistance while we improve services for the next decade of heart and vascular care.


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