McLeod Physician Leaders Support the Medical Staff and Organization

On Monday evening I attended the first Medical Staff meeting of 2010 for McLeod Regional Medical Center.  It was the first meeting for Dr. Bill Boulware to preside as the new Chief of Staff.  Serving with him for two years, 2010 and 2011, are Dr. Dale Lusk as Vice Chief, and Dr. Andy Rhea, as Secretary.  We deeply appreciate the time our physician leaders give toward supporting the medical staff and the organization.  My observation, in the years I have been with McLeod, is that we have been blessed with good, strong medical staff leadership.  I believe these leaders will continue that tradition of excellence.

Dr. Andrew Rhea, Dr. Dale Lusk, and Dr. William Boulware

Dr. Andrew Rhea, Dr. Dale Lusk, and Dr. William Boulware

Since you may not be aware of the work that goes on at the medical staff level, let me give you a glimpse into Monday night’s meeting.

At five o’clock on Monday afternoon, the Medical Executive Committee (MEC) met in the Board Room to hear committee and department reports. The MEC also had a discussion on medication reconciliation and medical record completion.  Medication Reconciliation is the process of reviewing all of the medications a patient is taking upon admission to the hospital, when they are transferred within the hospital, as well as when they are discharged home. Since a patient’s medications may change many times during a single hospitalization, the reconciliation process makes it safer for the patient by helping to prevent unintended medication changes and by providing a current list of medications for the patient at discharge.

On Monday night, the physician leaders were considering utilization of the computer system to electronically perform medication reconciliation. This electronic review process allows the physician to review and continue a patient’s medications from home, change or order new medications and decide which medications the patient should take once they are discharged. Electronic prescriptions and a current medication list are also available for the patient at discharge.  A successful pilot project has occurred at McLeod Dillon and another is being planned for McLeod Darlington.  The medical staff in Florence will monitor the results of this second pilot project and make recommendations about the system’s use in Florence.

The Medical Executive Committee adjourned the meeting in order to join the full medical staff meeting which was underway in the McLeod Pavilion Auditorium. The full medical staff was briefed on the main points of discussion in the MEC meeting.  The minutes were reviewed by Dr. Andy Rhea.   For the medical staff program on Monday night, Dr. Boulware introduced Marie Segars, Sr. Vice President and Administrator for McLeod Regional Medical Center.  Marie presented an update on the master facility plan for the Florence campus, highlighting the immediate plans for 2010.   Since 2007, several teams in cardiology, cancer have been working on needs for the McLeod campus and the results of this research were presented by Marie to the medical staff.  In addition to power point slides on the proposed facility changes that will take place over the next several years, the room was full of models and blueprints.  Physicians had the opportunity to ask questions and walk around the auditorium to see the models and plans on display.  The informal discussion revealed several good observations and options to consider for the master facility plan.  The meeting adjourned at 7:10 PM.

These meetings take place each month at all three hospitals.  We appreciate the active leadership of our physicians as we seek to improve services for patients.



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