An Update on Parking

A sketch of the Central Parking Deck currently under construction.

Temporary Parking in front of the McLeod Tower

This temporary parking in front of the McLeod Tower will provide patients and visitors with additional parking relief during the construction of the Central and West parking decks. The rain and winter weather conditions in February delayed our progress. However, the asphalt work should take place this week. An additional 40 spaces will help with parking as this ground level parking lot finishes and becomes available within the week.

Central Parking Deck

Again, weather has not been our friend, nor did we expect it to be in February. There are typically twelve to thirteen actual work days in February on construction sites because of the short month and because of our typical February weather. Even with the weather, we are now doing the site work…relocating the fiber optics cables underground, re-routing storm drainage (complete), cutting for footings (nearly complete), re-routing and replacing the grease trap, etc. This is slow, time consuming work and given the weather, progress has not been bad. We also have just taken subcontractor bids and are ready to recommend awards this Thursday at our weekly Planning meeting. Once complete in seven months, an additional 340 parking spaces will support both the McLeod Tower and the McLeod Pavilion.

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