Heart & Vascular Institute

“Any updates?” is a question several people have asked me in the hallway this week regarding the new Heart & Vascular Institute.  “We can hear drilling, hammering, and moving sounds, but where are we on the project? When will it be finished?” In response, I would like to share a brief construction update:

UPDATE – The demolition has been completed in the former Operating Rooms in the McLeod Tower. The metal stud framing work for the walls is currently underway.


The Heart & Vascular Institute will be constructed in an area of the McLeod Tower, formerly occupied by Operating Rooms (which were relocated in 2007 to the McLeod Pavilion).

With the ultimate goal being a central location, construction of the Heart & Vascular Institute is focused on meeting the special needs of patients with heart and vascular disease. The new center will allow patients and family members to come to an easily recognized area where they can receive diagnostic testing, treatment, surgery, and recovery. Both patients and staff will be able to receive and give care in a more streamlined, efficient manner.

Construction will facilitate relocation of the cardiac day hospital, currently on the third floor of the McLeod Tower, into the main section of the Heart & Vascular Institute. The new cardiac day hospital will have twenty pre-operative rooms, five post-op rooms, five rooms that can be used for patients before or after surgery, two isolation rooms, twelve procedure rooms, two ultrasound rooms, as well as a work area for electrocardiogram studies.

With this relocation, the cardiac day hospital will be adjacent to the cardiac and vascular surgery operating room suites, cardiac catheterization labs, CVICU, and other cardiac services, facilitating more efficient operations and improved patient care.

Thank you for your patience during the construction as we work to enhance our services to the community.



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