Improving Our Work

Karen Worrell, Susanne Owens and Tiffni Shealy review the submission of Improve the Process forms. At McLeod, we continue to look for ways to improve our process with new ideas from our people.

In our journey to foster excellence at McLeod Health, we have changed how we gather and encourage suggestions from the entire team to improve processes. The intent continues to be a meaningful way to provide better care to our patients and serve each other, without fear of retaliation for sharing these ideas. During the last decade, we stopped using “generic screens” and “incident reports” to improve processes. Before, generic screens were basically used to communicate a complaint, often about a person, and incident reports were about actual events, (someone fell or was injured, etc. ). These changed to the more positive approach of submitting “Improve the Process Forms.” The tool provides for more details and information involving the “who, where, when, what and why,” something happened.

Our people do not get “in trouble” for reporting something through an Improve the Process form. These suggestions can also be anonymous and do not require approval to be submitted. We get better by learning. We want to encourage people to alert us to concerns, and also to let us know about accidents that may be waiting to happen. The Quality and Safety Department is responsible for responding to these forms, reviewing what and why a concern occurred, conducting a root cause analysis, and coming up with a solution to be implemented in order to resolve it.

In our busy health care environment, with the demands of our work, we can’t fix something we don’t know about, so we need to depend on the entire organization to be the eyes and ears to tell us what needs improvement. We welcome the opportunity to make changes that make our service better or more efficient. Employees can submit Improve the Process Forms manually on paper or electronically to the Quality and Safety Department. Forms are located on the intranet under the Forms Tab and printable forms. The Quality and Safety team receive a number of these forms each month which provide us with ideas for improvement as well as suggestions for correcting a concern or potential error. The receipt of these forms is an indicator we use to access how safe our people want us to be.


Improve the Process Form – General

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