Information Systems: Supporting our Business Processes

On Wednesday, I attended our weekly meeting for Information Systems. The term, Information Systems, does not just refer to technology. It is expansive and refers to the interactions between people, processes, data and technology. The emphasis here is on the way in which people interact with this technology in support of business processes. Regularly, the meeting includes each of the Information System Directors, as well as others who may have issues or need resources for current projects involving information technology or systems. With eighty-five (85) different applications that all need to ‘talk’ to one another and function smoothly on our computer network, there is always an upgrade, new install or system performance review evaluation to consider.

Since these efforts are so important and the results impact our people, service and success, I wanted to give you a glance into the work. The agenda for the meeting this week included:

A. A review of the major expenditures for capital equipment based on the budget plan for 2009-2010.

B. A proposal to develop a more robust Employee Communication Portal for remote access from home for a variety of reports and information.

C. An update and time line from McLeod Physician Associates on the selection process for a new electronic health record and practice management system for physician practices.

D. An update on the new documentation system, Peribirth, for the Women’s Hospital.

E. Project Status and Updates from each Information System Department:
• Network Services, Jay Carter
• Executive Information, Lisa Lee
• Financial Systems, Larry McElveen
• Information Technology Governance and HIPPA, Shari Donley
• Medical Information, Mavis Turner
• Clinical Systems, Eddie Legg

It is hard to describe the scope and number of projects that are ongoing to help us improve patient care. Our business processes exist as defined by our work. We want our information systems to support and provide control for as many of these processes as are practical. If you have any questions about these projects or others, please let me know your thoughts.

Most importantly, I want to thank Jenean Blackmon, our Chief Information Officer, and the team in Information Systems for their work on behalf of our patients and our desire to improve care and business processes.


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