Quality Academy

Jim Reinertsen, M.D.

Donna Isgett, Senior Vice President for Quality and Safety, and I had a chance to participate in the Institute for Healthcare Improvement’s Quality Academy. We assisted Dr. Jim Reinertsen, a Senior Fellow with the IHI, as part of the faculty leading several sessions on leverage points for strengthening a focus on improvement across the entire organization. The overall aim of the international meeting, held in Boston, was to enhance the ability of leaders in health care to achieve measured quality improvement at the level of the healthcare system. Seven leadership leverage points were offered as design principles.

Leadership teams, composed of Physicians, Board members, Nursing, Finance and Administration, from seven hospitals and three physician organizations participated in the three day meeting. Two of the seven hospitals were from Canada. The physician organizations were from Connecticut, Ohio and Hawaii. It was interesting to review and discuss ways to improve healthcare with this diverse group of leaders and organizations.

McLeod Health was asked to serve on the faculty because of our team’s experience in the Robert Wood Johnson/ IHI effort known as, Pursuing Perfection. In 2002, McLeod was among the six hospitals chosen to participate in a national three-year project on improving healthcare. The lessons learned during Pursuing Perfection were the subject of an IHI Innovation series authored by J.L. Reinertsen, MD, Maureen Bisognano and Michael Pugh.

To read a copy of IHI Innovation Series that formed the basis for the Quality Academy discussion, please visit the IHI website at IHI.org and search for the ‘Seven Leadership Leverage Points.’


Thanks for your work on behalf of the patients. Thanks for giving us the opportunity to share the results of your improvement work with other healthcare organizations.


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