State Budget

In our news-saturated world, may I encourage you to closely watch the local news where the debate on the South Carolina state budget intensifies. As this national recession runs longer than expected, many states are continuing to experience a short fall in tax revenues, creating gaps in the state budget. Most states have implemented budget cuts as well as exhausted all available federal funds to keep vital services operating. Our state is no exception. We can expect budget cuts in education and healthcare since it occupies a large part of the state’s budget.

Newspapers across the country are describing some difficult situations with state budgets in this recession. Predictably, all of us in health care will be impacted by this next round of state budget reductions. As stewards of McLeod Health, we need to diligently serve our patients well, watch our expenditures, and creatively look for opportunities to grow.

For a first look, see this news clipping from the South Carolina Hospital Association and the article below from ‘The State’ newspaper:

“Strapped state budget to move forward”

Members of the S.C. House next week will start debating a strapped $5 billion state budget that could cause big cuts to state employees. Up to 2,300 state employees, including 1,000 who help the disabled and a hundred who deal with parolees, could lose jobs, according to media reports. More in Statewide below.

SC spending plan could cut almost 2,300 jobs
By JIM DAVENPORT – Associated Press Writer

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