Celebrating IS Work and the Team

Members of the McLeod Information Systems staff recently celebrated the accomplishments they have achieved during the past year.

Our Information Systems Department held a monthly meeting on Tuesday morning. We took a break from the routine reports to celebrate the accomplishments of the first six months of the year.

A breakfast and discussion about all that has been accomplished this year, as well as what is coming in the future, was enjoyed by the team.

Since last October, Information Systems have completed 142 projects; processed 5,020 work orders for system access, computer installs,
reports, or system changes submitted; received 120 ‘Caught
Caring Coupons;’ 13 Service Excellence Profiles and we have also taken 19,258 calls to our Help Desk, of which 17,455 were new incidents.

I feel this is significant and I am glad to see the team celebrate some great work as well as share it with you. There are many people supporting patient care in a variety of roles and it takes each one of us to provide safe, effective, patient centered, timely, efficient and equitable care.


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