Journey to a Culture of Health — Data and Next Steps

During Benefit Enrollment you had a chance to participate in health screenings.  While you have access to your personal results [see previous blog], our wellness partner, Viverae, provided overall summary data which we are analyzing to look for ways to offer resources and programs to support our desire to lead by example and live healthier lifestyles.

The summary data shows that as an organization, we certainly have opportunities to improve our wellbeing.  Using our Wellness Work Team and physician leaders in this area, Dr. Peter Johnson and Dr. Charles Jordan, we have decided our main areas of focus will be on improving our nutrition, increasing our activity, and decreasing our stress.

If we focus on and make positive changes in these areas as “root drivers,” we should see improvement in other areas like Body Mass Index (BMI), Blood Pressure, Cholesterol, and Blood Glucose.  Our goal is to try and shift our overall health score distribution and help employees move from the “fair” and “average” categories towards “good” and “excellent.”

We are working on leveraging McLeod resources to support and encourage all employees on this journey.  As a health care organization, we are dedicated to our patients and our people. We will continue to be working to educate our teams about obesity through a variety of efforts. For example, Weight Watchers programs are offered through 10 – week classes at McLeod for a reduced fee. The next sessions are set to begin in May, if you are interested call Reservations and Scheduling (777-2005). Additionally, the McLeod Health and Fitness Center provides fitness and weight management support through classes, including the upcoming Summer Shape Up and Body Make Over Program of 6-week classes. McLeod is also focusing on nutrition, and currently offers healthier menu options in Cafe Du Jour and the Cafeteria, with nutritional labels on display for food choices. We will also continue to encourage participation in healthy partnerships with community events, like the March of Dimes Walk, Relay for Life, Heart Walk, fitness rail trail, etc. The goal is to inspire us all to lead healthier lives.

More information about other programs will be coming, but don’t to wait to begin.  Make healthier food choices, become more active, and be sure to find an outlet where you can relax from time to time.  Doing these things now will reward you with better health later.

Setting an example for our community is not just the right thing to do for McLeod, but I firmly believe that if we can support you in improving your well-being and maintain good health, we all win!


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