Our Palmetto Gold Nursing Professionals

The 2010 Palmetto Gold recipients pictured here are:
Back Row left to right: Debbie Youmans, Carrie Hoshour, Alexia McKoy, Cindy Byrd
Front Row left to right: Vicki Thornton, Linda Sue Adams, Hillery Dolford, Debra Stone

On Saturday night, I had the opportunity to join eight of our McLeod nurses and their families for the Palmetto Gold Gala in Columbia, South Carolina.  It was an honor to see these team members and caregivers receive statewide recognition for their excellence.

The Palmetto Gold Nurse Recognition program selects the top 100 nurses from health care settings across the state who exemplify excellence in practice and commitment.  The Gala also serves to support a scholarship program for nursing and has awarded $170,000 since 2002 in nursing scholarships.

The first honoree to walk across the stage was Linda Sue Adams, Hospitalist Nurse Practitioner at McLeod Dillon, and the final honoree for the night was Debbie Youmans, Patient Educator, McLeod Children’s Hospital. The other six McLeod honorees were: Cindy Byrd, Director of Adult and Pediatric Care, McLeod Dillon; Hillery Dolford, MICU Patient Care Supervisor; Carrie Hoshour, Pediatric ICU; Alexia McKoy, RN McLeod Dillon; Debra Stone, Wound Care for McLeod Darlington; and Vicki Thornton, CCU Patient Care Supervisor. 

We recognize your hard work and dedication to the welfare of others.  We see your innovation and compassion for patients and families.  Thanks for being guardians of the mission.



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