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Hospice Team Meets the Needs of Patients and Families

Thursday, April 1st, 2010

A McLeod Hospice nurse, Michele Gandy, cares for a patient.

Our team at Hospice often sets the pace for all of us on Service Excellence.  I receive letters from patients and families about the care and concern given by Hospice staff.  Here is an example of a letter I received and it is representative of many others like it demonstrating expressions of thanks about our Hospice service.

“My mother in law was a patient in your facility from February 21 until she peacefully passed away on March 6.  She received extraordinary care from your staff from the moment she arrived.  I cannot mention the names of all the skilled nurses and support personnel, but everyone went the extra mile in caring for our family.  Susan Williams was involved in the weekend admittance process, when we were in so much need.  We are particularly appreciative of her help and friendship.

We are so thankful for the exceptional care everyone provided.  Losing a family member is always traumatic, but the wonderful Christian care was very comforting.  We would appreciate your sharing this letter with the entire nursing group and all the other support personnel.  McLeod Hospice is truly a credit to the entire McLeod family, and a wonderful part of the Florence community.”

Most sincerely,

Thankful Family

We look forward to expanding the Hospice House in the future.  Plans are currently underway to gain approval from the state, to raise the necessary money, and complete the design and plans for the expansion.  I want to thank Drs. Mark Fox and Vipul Shah as well as Joan Pavy and the Hospice team for their unselfish service and dedication to the welfare of others.

Dr. Vipul Shah and Dr. Mark Fox serve the patients of McLeod Hospice.