10 South Medical/Surgical Team and Nursing Leaders To Receive National Recognition

It is always a joy to share good news, and today’s blog entry does just that.  I’ve recently learned that McLeod Regional Medical Center will receive two awards this June, at a national conference conducted by Professional Research Consultants (PRC), the research firm that conducts our patient satisfaction survey.

The first recognition is called the “5-Star Excellence in Patient Experience Award,” and it will be awarded to the 10 South Medical/Surgical unit team, and all those who contribute to a 10th floor patients’ experience, for the excellent care they have provided their patients during 2009. The “5-Star” designation means that, when compared to the peers, the 10 South team at McLeod scores among the top 10% in the nation!  Put another way, so many of 10th South’s patients rated McLeod’s quality of care as “Excellent,” that 10th South scored higher than 9 out of 10 hospital medical/surgical units, nationwide.

This is certainly an accomplishment for patients and families worth celebrating, and the team on 10 South should be commended.

Lisa McDonald and Kathy Sims worked together to create a culture of teamwork among the 10 South staff. Their efforts resulted in 10 South receiving the Platinum Achievement Award from PRC.

I mention the word “team” because the second award that McLeod Regional Medical Center will receive is specifically related to the team on 10th. This second recognition is called the “Platinum Achievement Award,” and it will be awarded to Kathy Sims, RN, Director of 10 South, and Lisa McDonald, RN, Nurse Liaison. Their team-centered work to support a culture of teamwork among the 10 South staff, won this top honor from PRC.

In 2009, the surgical team from 10 South, and members from the medical team from 5 East, joined forces to create today’s high-performing unit. The journey to arrive in the top 10% of the nation required that Lisa and Kathy turn their energy and leadership toward merging these teams into one. The results speak for themselves.  This is a team that works together, with the patient as the center of their attention.

Congratulations Lisa and Kathy, for the well-deserved recognition for your work to align this team’s focus; and congratulations to 10 South staff and supporting departments, for the outstanding 5-Star award for excellent patient satisfaction. Both are examples of how McLeod continues to strive for excellence in all we do.  Both are opportunities to learn from others how we might best meet the needs of our patients.



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