Beginning Our Day…

(From L to R) Kelley Prevatte, Director of the 9th Surgical Floor and Step-Down Unit, Mary Allred, Robert Garris, and Rosa Dowling.

This morning, I joined the senior leadership team for ‘Patient Rounds’ at McLeod Regional Medical Center in Florence, South Carolina.  Each day, at all three McLeod hospitals, leaders gather for a quick huddle, review information and then visit a nursing unit or patient care area as a team.  We aim to accomplish this daily initiative as part of our standard work in order to begin our day with why we are all here — our patients and our staff.  Our goal is to learn from the team, patients and families.  We ask a few questions of the individuals we meet so we can learn from them, then we rejoin the team for a second huddle to talk about insights we have captured from our visits.

This morning, we were scheduled to visit the 9th Floor and Trauma Surgical Care Unit in the McLeod Pavilion.  We wanted to be sure we understood the efforts of the medical team to communicate, answer questions, and provide explanation about treatments to their patients.

One patient related to the team that he was glad to be going home after a two-day stay.  He was very complimentary of the staff and how they communicated and cared for him.  We were also able to hear about another patient who had food allergies.  In this case, we were able to work with the medical team to intervene on future diet orders in order to meet this patient’s needs.  In addition to these interactions, I was able to speak with Kelley Prevatte, our Nursing Director on the 9th Floor.  Last week, McLeod and Dr. Mike Rose hosted visitors associated with Harvard University who were evaluating our hospital and South Carolina as a possible site for a healthcare reform initiative.  This group specifically asked to speak with Kelley because of her work with the IHI Open School.  In talking with Kelley this morning, I was able to gauge her thoughts about this group and what they hope to accomplish.

As we make these daily ‘Patient Rounds,’ please continue to share with us your ideas of how we can improve for our patients and staff in the areas of caring, quality and safety as we provide service to others.



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