The Wisdom of Age & Experience

Dot Johnson, who graduated from the McLeod Nursing School in 1948, congratulates Nathan on 65 years of service. Nathan "officially" joined McLeod on June 1, 1945.

Age and experience can bring wisdom. These were my thoughts today, as we celebrated sixty-five years of service by Nathan Brown of Plant Operations & Engineering. Nathan joined the hospital on June 1, 1945. He worked directly for Dr. F.H. McLeod prior to joining the hospital, so he is actually celebrating seventy-six or so years association with the McLeod family. By June 1, 1945, the year was a time of change. WWII was ending in Europe and the focus shifted to finishing the war in the Pacific. The sacrifices of many, on foreign field and at home, shaped the nation and people in profound ways.

When you are younger in age, life is a theory. As you age, life has become an experience. It is wise to learn to ask advice from those who are ten to twenty years older than yourself. It is wise to learn to listen to the experience of others – - to be directed by their questions and interests. In many ways, my interactions with Nathan over the years have improved my service to others. Nathan is always the one who puts his hand on my shoulder to ask how I am doing. Nathan is always the one who pats me on the back and encourages me in our work. Encouragement means to “add courage” and he has a lifetime of appreciation for others. Nathan is the one who will ask about my family. He always reminds me not to work too hard, to do what is right for the patients, and to get home in order to spend more time with my family.

At first, I thought he was just being friendly and making conversation. But over the years, the themes he revisits with me are instructive of the importance he places on the service to others at medical center, the family and individuals. Happiness is who you are, not something you get. Nathan has combined a lifetime of interactions with many to share his happiness and wisdom with others. Nathan is a good man and we appreciate his service to the medical center and community. We wanted to thank him for his work. He reluctantly agreed to attend today’s celebration … and wanted to be sure we understood that he would be back to work at the hospital in the morning.

Thanks Nathan,


Nathan enjoys a special tribute to his 65 years of McLeod work during ceremonies honoring his continued years of service.

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