Medical Students Express Their Appreciation

Dr. Alva Whitehead, David Braddy, Brenda Allen, Jason Heilemann, Andy Hack, Stephanie Paolini, Blake Hodges, and Dr. Michael Rose

For the past three years, McLeod has hosted an internship for medical students from May through July, a concept developed by Dr. Alva Whitehead. This Fellowship, funded by the McLeod Foundation, has been used as both a learning tool for physicians in training as well as recruitment for the future by McLeod.

The class includes all rising second year medical students, experiencing a hospital setting first hand through this opportunity at McLeod. Members of the 2010 McLeod Medical Student Fellowship are:

Blake Hodges, Florence
Jason Heilemann, Clemson
Andrew Hack, Columbia
Stephanie Paolini, Aiken
David Braddy, Dillon

“This was a wonderful group. They exceeded my expectations and were very engaged,” stated Dr. Whitehead. “They all displayed a great deal of energy and enthusiasm to the medical staff – which rekindled in them the reason that medicine was their first love – why they first went into medical school.”

While we enjoyed their time with us, these students communicated their appreciation of the program and mentors. Here’s a letter they wanted to share with you regarding the experience.

Dear McLeod Community

It is with great honor that we send thanks to all who have taken time to instruct and mentor us over the course of our stay here at McLeod. Countless physicians, nurses, technicians, therapist, nutrition staff, administrators, board members, residents, etc. have proven McLeod to be a welcoming, motivating, evidence-based community, which will forever be an important waypoint in the course of our education. Our utmost gratitude goes to the whole hospital because even though Dr. Whitehead, the McLeod community member who invited us here, has been a huge inspiration to us, our tour through the hospital was especially grand due to the voluntary enthusiasm that we saw in every department.

When we came to McLeod weeks ago, we had few expectations. We understood that we were to learn how the hospital works and get some clinical experience, but this was only the skeleton of what we saw. Many McLeod community members instructed us in more lofty areas such as patient safety, quality improvement, leadership, organizational direction, philosophy of medicine, and more, topics that we only could only hope to hear briefly about in medical school or future clinical rotations. In the wide world of modern medicine, little attention can be given to the big picture among the plethora of details. McLeod’s culture of improvement and wisdom about the future have impressed us as much as any clinical information or administrative process. We appreciate it all.

Thanks again to all who have helped us!


McLeod Fellowship students 2010

Please join me as we wish them well in their educational and vocational journey ahead.



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