A Gentle Reminder

I received a gentle reminder this week from Pam Elliott, RN, BSN, MHA, OCN. Pam is our Nursing Director of Inpatient Oncology. I appreciated the reminder and how it relates to Service Excellence.

I was headed to a meeting in the McLeod Tower, navigating the hallways. I was intent on making it to a meeting on time, and multi-tasking (on my blackberry phone) with a few of the many emails I see each day. However, I was not practicing being ‘present.’ While I was trying to walk, work and speak to people passing by on their busy day… I was not practicing Service Excellence.

Pam stopped me to speak and gently remind me of our purpose. I realized the opportunity I was missing and the need to stop the multi-tasking and connect better with the people we serve — our patients, our guests and each other.

Let’s remind one another and hold each other accountable to live by our standards of Service Excellence.

Thanks Pam,


Here is one of the standards that apply:

The Value of the Person

Service Excellence Standard of Courtesy: “We treat people with the respect we want our loved ones to receive.”

Behavioral Expectation: #1 “Make eye contact with and acknowledge each person you pass in hallways and public areas.”

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