Dillon Offers Thanks

I received a note from Debbie Locklair, Administrator of McLeod Medical Center Dillon. She offers thanks to the team and details the results of The Joint Commission Survey this week.

“Please join me in congratulating Madge Hamer, Director of the Laboratory and the entire McLeod Medical Center Dillon hospital team for an excellent 2 day Joint Commission Lab Accreditation Survey.

The surveyor was very complimentary of the evidence of team work between departments and the focus on the quality of care and safety of our patients.
Thank you to everyone from across the McLeod organization who helped Dillon prepare for this survey result … through practice surveys, IS and biomedical support, and education and training to stay ’survey ready.’ I especially want to thank Linda Duncan, Director of Survey Readiness, for her coaching and continuous support in survey process..


Debbie Locklair
McLeod Medical Center Dillon”

Thanks Debbie, Linda, and the McLeod Dillon team for your daily work to keep our services safe and of high quality.


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