Good News from McLeod Dillon on Medicare Measures

Dr. Phil Wallace, Medical Director of Clinical Effectiveness, Jeanne Hill, LPN, Candice Tyler, LPN, and Joan Ervin, RN, Associate Administrator of Clinical Effectiveness.

McLeod Dillon reached a new milestone in its journey to pursuing perfection in the delivery of patient care. In May, each of the 58 patients with pneumonia, heart attack, heart failure, and/or those having surgery received “perfect care” based on the core measures as reported to The Joint Commission and CMS. By focusing on these specific diagnoses, 310 of the evidence based quality indicators were met in May by those providing care to these patients.

These outcomes are the result of the team’s diligence and attention to both clinical requirements and documentation. Perseverance and focused teamwork among the physicians and staff resulted in helping the McLeod Dillon reach their goal. Relying on physician-led, evidenced based and data driven care, caregivers at McLeod Dillon are providing high quality care in which patients seeking care in Dillon have confidence. This demonstration of ‘The Value of Quality’ results in a higher quality of life for the citizens receiving care in Dillon County and the surrounding areas.

We are pleased to see that our team in Dillon receives scores higher than national averages, especially for those factors that are most closely correlated to quality of care. Your hard work and dedication continue to pay off.

I want to thank Dr. Phil Wallace of Dillon Internal Medicine, who is our Clinical Effectiveness Medical Director in Dillon, and Joan Ervin, RN, MN, CPHQ, our Associate Administrator, Clinical Effectiveness for their leadership with the team in Dillon. I also would like to thank the caregivers at the patient’s bedside that are delivering the care with professionalism and excellence each day.



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