Quest for Quality Continues

We are excited about the national recognition our Physicians, Nurses and Staff are receiving with the 2010 American Hospital Association-McKesson Quest for Quality Award. As a team, we are learning to apply to our services the Institute of Medicine’s Six Aims for patient care – Safety, Effectiveness, Patient-centered Care, Timeliness, Efficiency and Equity. We will pause, reflect, celebrate… and return to the classroom this year to learn more about a growing body of knowledge of improvement work in health care.

It reminds me again of a quote from Paul Tripp in his book, A Shelter in the Time of Storm.

“Life as a Student – Do you think that you’ve arrived? Do you tend to think that you’ve learned what you need to learn and now know what you need to know? Do you see yourself as having more answers than questions? Do you carry around a hunger to know? Do you want to understand more deeply and more fully? Do you have a humble, open, and seeking heart? Are you approaching life with the mentality of a student?”

There is much to learn, much to accomplish as we seek to improve the health and well being of the people in our region. These are exciting times. These are challenging times. We will need everyone’s voice and effort.

We will also remain committed to ongoing improvement processes, care and efficiency for our patients, staff and guests.

Thank you for your part in this recognition.



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