Operational Effectiveness Work

Recently, a team worked on a Rapid Improvement Event (RIE) in the Value Stream (VSA) of Excellence in Bedside Nursing.  The goal of this work is to remove waste and unnecessary steps in our work so that the nurse at the patient’s bedside may have more time with the patient.  The leader of this work is Leanne Huminski, our McLeod Chief Nursing Officer. The Process Managers from Operational Effectiveness are Larry Adams and Bart Watford.

The most recent team worked to build an effective way to admit patients from ICU and PACU to the 9th floor.  Improvements in this pilot can then be spread to other similar nursing units.  The Team Leader for the week was Theo Willard.  The Implementer was Kelley Prevatte.  The RIE team members included April Davis, MST (7E), Chip Osborne, RN (MICU), Ester Thomas, RN (4E), Michelle Powell, RN (9th), Emma James, Sect (9th), Drew Hamilton (Corporate Compliance), Donna Bennett, RN (PACU), Linda Harwell, RN (TSCU), and Charrish Hugh, RN (11th).

I spoke with Drew Hamilton our Corporate Compliance Officer who served as ‘fresh eyes’ for the team.  I asked Drew to send me his thoughts about the time invested in the improvement work.  Here is what Drew shared:


The Rapid Improvement Event (RIE) was absolutely a wonderful experience. The individuals on the team worked together tirelessly and had excellent experience in understanding the issues.  We knew what needed to be accomplished in order to achieve the goal of giving the nurse more time with the patients.  I gained an additional appreciation for the job our nurse’s accomplish each and every day in providing quality patient care.

One insight I found is that we become focused on our part of the health system … and often have limited awareness of other parts of the hospital.  I worked with several people who have been at McLeod for more than 10 years and have never visited the 1st or 2nd floor Day Hospital, Pre-admission Testing (PAT), PACU, and so forth.  I feel very blessed that my job in Compliance allows me to become familiar with many areas within the organization.   I also believe my participation in the RIE provides a benefit to our Compliance Program by allowing staff to see me more and get to know me. I think that this will  give them additional confidence about the Compliance Department.

I enjoyed the work in performance improvement,

Drew Hamilton

The ability to see our work and understand our walk from each other’s perspective personalizes our McLeod mission. I want to thank Drew for sharing his experience and am thankful for the profound difference these opportunities make in furthering the mutual respect for our calling to serve others.

Thanks for all each of you do daily.


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