Operational Effectiveness Event

This week in the Pharmacy at McLeod Regional Medical Center in Florence, an Operational Effectiveness team is working through a process known as ‘6 S.’

6 S‘ is defined by McLeod as Sort, Set to flow, Scrub,  Standardize, Sustain and Safety.  ‘6 S‘ is the name of our workplace organization methodology that describes how items are stored and new order is maintained.  The decision making process that guides ‘6 S‘ comes from work with the team about standardization which seeks to build an understanding for the team on how work should be done.

The team’s ‘Reason for Action’ this week is to improve the efficiency of the Employee Pharmacy in order to have shorter wait times and more products available.  This will lead to overall lower unit costs for prescriptions and medicine for our people. It is anticipated that more McLeod people will want to use the Employee Pharmacy in the new benefit year beginning in January 2011. The team is also looking for ways to make ‘Payroll Deduction’ from the Employee Pharmacy more ‘user friendly.’

This is a mock up of the layout of the McLeod Employee Pharmacy, which allowed the OE Team to review the flow.

The Pharmacy Operational Effectiveness Team is composed of Chuck Rozak, Olivia Eitzman, Bryce Williamson, Lacy Brinton, Brandi Lane, Renee Anderson, Joan Ervin, Bart Watford, and Will McLeod.

Where does this work fit into the overall picture?

In two of our goals for improving the organization through Operational Effectiveness, we focus on (a) showing respect for people and (b) continuous improvement.  These ideas find themselves in our McLeod ‘Overall A3 or Reason for Action.’  Specifically, ‘To show respect for people by making the work more enjoyable’ and ‘To improve our use of resources to benefit our patients, our community and our people.’

We appreciate the work of this Operational Effectiveness Improvement Team.  The principles and methods learned this week will be applied to many areas of our work processes as we continue our quest for quality.



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