‘Raising the Bar’ in Dillon

Cynthia Pernell, CRT/RCP, M.Ed., has been working steadily with the Cardiopulmonary team in Dillon to raise the bar by certification.  Due to the progress made by this team, we want to acknowledge the following note from Cynthia.


It gives me pleasure to inform you that as of September 1, 2010, the Dillon Cardiopulmonary staff are certified in ACLS (Advanced Cardiac Life Support), PALS (Pediatric Advanced Life Support), and NRP (Neonatal Resuscitation Program)!!

We believe this is a first in the history of Saint Eugene and McLeod Medical Center Dillon for staff to hold all of these additional certifications.

Tiffany Davis, RRT/RCP, and Tammy Dixon,CRT/RCP (at left), review a patient's cardiopulmonary status.

What does this mean? With additional certifications we are assured that we have Cardiopulmonary staff who are capable and confident to assist in the management of critical patients from neonate to geriatrics.  The employees studied long and hard to receive all these certifications.  Again, we want to congratulate them on these prestigious certifications:

Aubrey Arnette
Penny Badgett
Patrick Chavis
Tiffany Davis
Jean Deese
Tammy Dixon
Anthony Ellerbe
Ida Jacobs
Tracy Johnson
Mandy Locklear
Pricilla McRae



I would like to share this news and thank the team for their work on these additional certifications.  I also want to recognize Cynthia M. Pernell, CRT/RCP, M.Ed., Director of Cardiopulmonary Services at McLeod Medical Center Dillon, for her leadership and encouragement to the staff. 



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