Happy Thanksgiving

To all McLeod Staff

Let me give you two words today that I hope you will hear. Two words that I want you to wrap in decorative holiday paper and take home with you to open frequently. Two words – Thank you.

Thank you for the many acts of caring – unselfish service given to the welfare and benefit of others. Thank you for the numerous acts – seen and unseen – of kindness, service and humility for the benefit of patients, families and one another.

Thank you for responding to a personal calling to serve others, care for the sick and help those in need.

Our calling is sometimes difficult. It comes with weighty responsibilities. Some of the work that is associated with our calling is joyous and life giving and some of the work is less joyous. Yet it is all noble work and worthy of our life’s effort.

Thank you for serving in what we consider as sacred work. It is service done with our intellect, our heart and our hands. It is service given to a new mom and baby as new life enters the world. It is service given in the form of a life-saving surgery or treatment. It is service given to someone who is nearing life’s end. In all of these life changing moments we consider our service to others as a sacred calling. Thank you.

As you reach to place your McLeod name badge on your uniform or clothing tomorrow, hear these words in your mind – Thank you.

May we give thanks to God today for our calling and purpose. May God strengthen our minds, hearts and hands in the service of others. May God remind us of our sacred calling as we go forward today.

Thank you,

Rob Colones

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