‘Job Shadowing’ in the Data Center

 Our leaders take the opportunity to ‘job shadow’ with members of the team. Here is one such example below from Jenean Blackmon, Chief Information Officer.  Take a moment to see what she learned.

I had the opportunity to spend some time shadowing in our Data Center a few weeks ago and I wanted to share my experience with you. I think we sometimes forget how different the work and world is after 10:00 p.m. until we experience it for ourselves.

I spent a night working part of 2nd and part of 3rd shift with the Operations staff so that I could talk with them and observe their routine. It was a great experience and I appreciate James Kennedy, Frank Mathies, Brenda Joy, and Steven Pinckney allowing me to spend time with them. Not only were they able to share with me but I also had the opportunity to share with them about different projects in our department, the vision for information technology at McLeod, and to answer questions and discuss their insights about our work. As we talked, I identified an opportunity for improvement that the IS team will be working on as we grow in our lean work over this next year.

Brenda Joy, a member of the Operations staff, provided insight to Jenean Blackmon of the Data Center's work on the night shift.

We have some very dedicated staff that try hard to make sure that our systems are up and running at all times and that problems are handled quickly. They even ask me what they could do at night to improve the service to our customers. This speaks to their commitment to service excellence. The Operations staff average taking almost 3,000 Help Desk calls per month, they monitor and take calls on 250 applications/systems, and they monitor 165 interfaces.

I am thankful for each member of the IS Department and I appreciate their hard work and dedication to our department and to McLeod Health. 


We learn from the team when leaders work side-by-side to see how the current work is done.  This helps our overall effort to examine our processes and remove the barriers and waste in our work flows.  I want to thank Jenean for ‘job shadowing’ with the team.  I want to thank the team in Information Systems for initiating on our behalf and serving others.



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