Many Faces of Medicaid

In the current budget crisis, many states are experiencing shortfalls due to the economic recession. Solutions abound about how to manage this crisis. In each state, Medicaid programs are receiving a great deal of discussion. On December 14, 2010, in South Carolina, the Medicaid program released a provider bulletin about a $228 million shortfall in funding for the remainder of the Medicaid FY, June 30, 2010. Immediate changes are taking place in order to safeguard the financial viability of the Medicaid program in this budget year. For example, effective February 1, 2011, the South Carolina Medicaid program will discontinue coverage of Hospice Care services for adults. Additional information is available at the following website:

Medicaid is the nation’s health coverage program for low-income Americans. Medicaid helps to pay for health and long-term care services for about 850,000 people in South Carolina. For our state, this includes very poor families, people with disabilities, and low-income elderly. The federal government and the states share in the funding of Medicaid. Each state administers the program within federal guidelines. In South Carolina, the program is funded about one-fourth by the state, with the federal government paying the majority of the cost.

There are many misconceptions about the Medicaid program. Below is about a 10-12 minute video which explains those who are currently on the Medicaid program. It was produced by the South Carolina Hospital Association. Please take a few minutes to inform yourself about this vital program affecting over 800,000 people in our state.



Visit the South Carolina Hospital Association’s website to view the full version of The Many Faces of Medicaid

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