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“A Washington Update”

Friday, April 29th, 2011

On Wednesday evening, “A Washington Update: The American Medical Association Perspective” was hosted by McLeod Health for physicians and their spouses. Additionally, members of the McLeod Health Board of Trustees and Administration and the Florence County Medical Society were among the 120 attendees at this special opportunity to get insight on the national health care environment.

The keynote address was delivered by Cecil B. Wilson, M.D., President of the American Medical Association (AMA).

Dr. Cecil Wilson, President of the American Medical Association, offered insight on the national health care environment.

An internist from Winter Park, Florida, Dr. Wilson became the 165th President of the American Medical Association in June of 2010. He has been a member of the AMA Board of Trustees since 2002, serving as Chair from 2006 to 2007. He has also been a member of the AMA House of Delegates since 1992, and was previously elected to two terms as a member of the AMA Council on Constitution and Bylaws, of which he also served as Vice Chair.

McLeod Chief Medical Officer Dr. Coy Irvin has served on AMA committees and was instrumental in bringing the topical overviews to McLeod Health.

As a continuing medical education program, the objectives of the evening included identifying ways that physicians can better position themselves for market and discuss regulatory changes that have not yet taken place.

During his remarks, Dr. Wilson encouraged the attendees to educate themselves on the proposed changes in healthcare and to use the AMA website as a resource. AMA is currently lobbying to correct issues from their perspective with the Affordable Care Act.

“It is important that we work together and have one voice to make these changes the best they can be for physicians and patients,” said Dr. Wilson.

Dr. Wilson underscored the role of Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs). An ACO refers to a group of providers and suppliers of services (hospitals, physicians, and others involved in patient care) with a goal of delivering seamless, high quality care for Medicare beneficiaries. He added that the AMA believes there are six criteria essential to the success of Accountable Care Organizations:
1. They must be physician led.
2. Participation by physicians and patients should be voluntary.
3. This can not be a one size fits all approach.
4. Physicians in small rural practices need to receive financial and technical assistance.
5. Existing anti-trust laws must be reformed.
6. We must utilize quality measures that are physician driven.

Dr. Wilson added that on the AMA website there is a how to manual for physicians to navigate a post reform world. He also provided the physicians with a resource on the Affordable Care Act to share with their patients ( which is updated regularly and written in concise, easy to understand language.

Rich Deem, Senior Vice President of Advocacy for the American Medical Association, also addressed those in attendance with a Report on the Budget. He noted that “we are not going to solve it all or balance the budget on the backs of providers. We must bring patients into the conversation and provide incentives to them in the areas of preventive care.”

We are always pleased to share and receive information that provides us with more ideas on how to improve the quality and coordination of care for the patients we serve.


Tim Hess Appointed Sr Vice President of HR & Training

Tuesday, April 19th, 2011

McLeod Health is pleased to announce the appointment of Timothy D. Hess as Senior Vice President of Human Resources & Training for the organization, effective upon Mrs. Jeannette Glenn’s retirement on April 29, 2011. 

In speaking with Jeannette about Tim’s appointment, she said, “I am very excited and pleased that Tim will be appointed as my successor.  He is an outstanding and knowledgeable professional.  Tim exudes creativity, a sense of humor, openness to change, respect for others and, most of all, has a huge servant’s heart.  I can leave my McLeod family feeling very confident that they are in the best of hands with Tim at the helm.”

As a Senior Vice President, Tim will be a member of the Leadership Council at McLeod Health.  In this capacity, he will lead the creation of the strategic management plan for Human Resources.  He has outstanding skills and experience in the functions of Human Resources, with more than two decades of service in this specialty, an essential connection to the culture of McLeod Health and a passion for the people who serve our patients and their families. 

Tim joined the McLeod family in March of 1992 as the Manager of Compensation and Benefits.  He was promoted to Director of Compensation and Benefits in June of 1994. He carried out this role in an outstanding manner helping to make very positive differences for McLeod Health until his departure in June 2002, to accept a position with Saint Thomas Health Services in Nashville, Tennessee. Tim gained further experience and expertise in management and operations, serving as the Director of Compensation and Benefits and was later promoted to Vice President of Human Resources Operations.

Tim returned to McLeod Health in February of 2006, as Associate Vice President of Human Resources.  His responsibilities included the management of compensation and benefits for McLeod Health employees, the Human Resources Information Systems and providing leadership to the Recruiting Team.

Tim received a BSBA in Industrial Relations from Xavier University in Cincinnati, Ohio, and a Masters in Business Administration from the University of South Carolina.  He is a Certified Compensation Professional (CCP) through World at Work, a Certified Professional in Human Resources (PHR) through the Society of Human Resources Management, and he has served as Facilitator for the McLeod Financial Peace University.  He continues to advocate for programs to support work-life balance and wellness for our staff and medical professionals through new programs and services in Human Resources.

Tim lives in Florence with his wife, Georgia, and their son, Carney, age eight.

Please join me in congratulating Tim on this promotion.


McLeod Sports Medicine Features Olympic Gold Medalist

Monday, April 11th, 2011

This past Thursday evening, McLeod Health hosted a unique event to celebrate the work of our McLeod Human Motion Specialists program and the exciting growth ahead. McLeod Human Motion Specialists brings together the medical specialists and practitioners who treat muscular and skeletal issues resulting from injury, illness or aging.

We were pleased to have a special guest and speaker join us in the celebration, Eric Heiden, MD, an orthopedic surgeon and a United States Olympic gold medalist. His engaging presentation reflected on key people in his life who moved him to higher pursuits and were an inspiration, as well as  his past experiences as a “champion.”  He highlighted his passion for modeling “fit” behavior and underscored the need for our culture to embrace the need to fight the growing crisis of obesity and overweight by focusing on physical activity and nutrition. “The negative results of a sedentary population is all around each of us,” he told the crowd.    

Olympic Gold Medalist Eric Heiden, M.D., at left, served on a panel discussion during the McLeod Orthopedic & Sports Medicine Conference. Other panelists seen with Dr. Heiden included Dr. Pat Denton with Pee Dee Orthpaedics and Dr. Brian Blair with McLeod Orthopaedics.

Dr. Eric Heiden is a true American sports icon. He has earned more medals in a single Olympics than any previous Olympic athlete and has set 15 world records in his speed skating career. At the 1980 Lake Placid Olympic Winter Games, he won the Gold in all five speed skating events and set four Olympic records and one world record.

After retiring from speed skating, Dr. Heiden began a second career in cycling. He won a United States Cycling Championship and competed with the 7-11 team in the 1986 Tour de France.

By 1991, Dr. Heiden had earned his medical degree from Stanford University and was ready to begin his third career as an orthopedic surgeon specializing in sports medicine. In 2006, Dr. Heiden and his wife, Dr. Karen Heiden, relocated to Park City, Utah, and after working extensively with The Orthopedic Specialty Hospital (TOSH), established their own orthopedic practice. Dr. Heiden is also the Co-founder of the University of California Davis Sports Performance Program, and the author of “Faster, Better, Stronger.”

“I am proud of the collective work being done here at McLeod, the work to be proactive and committed to both prevention and treatment processes,” said Dr. Heiden.

One of the goals of McLeod Human Motion Specialists is to offer a seamless delivery of care to all orthopedic and spine patients. Through the consolidation of adult therapy, patients will soon have complete and convenient access to all of their therapeutic needs in one location.

The adult outpatient therapy services of physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, work recovery, sports medicine and the Occupational Therapy Hand Center will be housed together in one location on the McLeod Wellness Campus, adjacent to the McLeod Health and Fitness, scheduled to open in June.We look forward to being able to provide convenient access and to continue our outstanding care to the patients we serve.

We were appreciative of  Dr. Heiden’s visit to our community and McLeod and his participation both in our Thursday night reception and our day long annual Orthopedic Conference on Friday. There were more than 150 attendees, and 34 physicians from 13 counties at the educational program. Dr. Heiden’s address at both events was extremely meaningful and very well received by all.

Thanks to all who attended these special programs and to all who made the events possible.