Recognition offers encouragement

Please take the opportunity to read the following editorial which appeared in the Myrtle Beach Sun News on Wednesday, October 26, 2011.

I was grateful for this publication’s vote of confidence and endorsement of the effort to formalize a more permanent relationship between McLeod Health and Loris Community Healthcare System. I was encouraged by the recognition of the McLeod reputation for quality and excellence.

The positive words are indeed a reflection of your passion, your work these many years to improve care and service for patients and families.
Because of you and the McLeod team, the community in the Loris area positively received the news of a merger between McLeod and Loris. Over and over we have come across patient after patient, family after family who could relate a positive experience with McLeod.

While we don’t know the outcome of the vote on Tuesday, November 1 … and we will have a great deal of work ahead of us in this merger during health reform …  I am proud of you and your service to others.  Thank you for the daily sacrifice you make for patients and families.


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