We are on a Mission!

The Mission for McLeod is to improve the health and well-being of the people living in northeast South Carolina. For primary, secondary and tertiary medical care, we seek to serve the people residing in twelve counties in South Carolina and portions of three counties in North Carolina.  At McLeod Health, our teams are striving to reduce the burdens that are associated with illness and injury. It is a mission of size and importance given the medical needs of the rural Carolinas and the demographics of our people. We seek to provide excellence in patient-centered care to those who entrust us with their medical needs.

It is not a Mission Statement we recite, but it is an ongoing daily action of compassion, accomplished through the service of our people.  At the end of our day, we will take our intellect, our heart and our hands – and combine all three – to initiate for the good of others and serve them.  It is a mission based upon a  commitment to the voluntary, nonprofit approach to medicine, community outreach and to the traditional shared values in committing ourselves to a calling of service.

I had a chance today to observe an example of the mission in action. During the Department Director meeting at McLeod Regional Medical Center, Julie Ulmer received recognition for her service to others as a McLeod Speech Language Pathologist. Julie was recognized as a McLeod Merit Award recipient by her peers and patients. The circle of Merit Award recipients was widened today to receive her for cheerful, unselfish service and devotion to others. This recognition honors her for consistently exemplifying the values and mission of McLeod.

Julie Ulmer, at left, is pictured with her mother, McLeod Nurse Educator Joanne Ulmer, following her Merit Award presentation.

It was interesting to hear her Director, Harriet Jeffords, recount Julie’s heritage of service, reflected by her family’s own legacy of caring for others. Julie’s mother, Joanne Ulmer, has served as a Nurse Educator at McLeod for nearly 15 years. Her brother and sister-in-law also are part of the team of McLeod health professionals. It was interesting to hear about Julie’s start with McLeod as a youth volunteer, later as a summer career student and as a scholarship recipient prior to joining McLeod in 2002.

We appreciate that she continues to share her enthusiasm and commitment to cheerful and compassionate service with others. That’s our mission in action!

Please join Julie … join us in this mission.  Help us to continue to strive and improve. There is a noble mission out there with your name on it … with our name on it together in caring for others.   


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