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McLeod Magazine Echoes Choose Wisely Message

Thursday, May 3rd, 2012

Look for this issue of McLeod Magazine coming soon.

It is an honor and privilege to once again present our McLeod Magazine to the community, as we share the stories of personal experiences and medical victories. McLeod Magazine, published for nearly three decades since 1985, continues to be one of the most valued instruments by which we communicate lifesaving treatments and medical care, inspired by the voices of our patients, families, physicians and staff. These accounts relate heroic journeys through physical, emotional and even spiritual challenges.

In this May issue, we recognize the efforts of our physicians and staff to provide exceptional quality care. These outstanding outcomes are achieved through the dedication to the mission and the values of McLeod Health. You will read how our health care teams have been honored by the state and the nation for our quality initiatives.

Our McLeod mission is to improve the health and well being of people living within South Carolina and eastern North Carolina by providing excellence in health care. The core values of McLeod include: the Value of Caring, the Value of the Person, the Value of Quality and the Value of Integrity.

Within this edition, our mission and values are reflected in “miracle children” who experienced the expertise and compassion of our McLeod Children’s Hospital team. Celebrate with our patients, both young and aging, who beat the odds by combining a tenacious will to survive, with new techniques and superlative experience and equipment.

We also welcome our new affiliation with McLeod Loris and McLeod Seacoast, joining our medical family to care for families in Horry County and beyond. We pay tribute to the legacy of visionaries who started the system and embrace a future of healthcare excellence, service and growth along our eastern coast.

Often we take our health for granted, and most hospitalizations, surgeries or lifesaving treatments come as a result of facing life’s unexpected interruptions.

At McLeod Health, we are grateful for the expertise and compassion of those who serve our patients and their families, and we appreciate the opportunity to participate on the paths to restoration and recovery with those who entrust us with their care.

Please connect with our McLeod Magazine, May Issue, 2012. If there’s not one in your mailbox in the next two weeks, then go to and click on the link to McLeod Magazine.

Thank you for Choosing Wisely. Thank you for making McLeod the Choice for Medical Excellence.